Who's closer to competing for playoffs?

  • Lions
  • Pistons
  • Tigers
  • Red Wings

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Pistons made the playoffs last yr, and now with Reggie Jackson out for a long stretch their chances to repeat just went way up!


Yeah, I sort of struggled with the title, as I almost said ‘championship’ rather than ‘playoffs,’ but I figured it would be the most even playing field. :man_shrugging:

Always seems like basketball has a lot of bottom feeder playofff teams. Who get stuck in the perpetual cycle of barely making the playoffs, bounced in the first round, out of the lottery and never able to break out of mediocrity

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The Pistons are a lot deeper/talented team this year. They will make the playoffs.

A lot of the lottery teams are stuck in the same cycle. Its not unique to teams who barely scrape into the playoffs. And if it seems like “bottom feeder” teams make the playoffs, its because they do. The NBA has way too many playoff teams and more than half the league makes the playoffs. If you aren’t especially terrible that year, you will be in the playoffs.

I honestly think the Dolphins will get there before the Lions will.

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Wow. I thought I couldn’t get anymore depressed. I hate to say this, but probably the Lions.

Pistons I watch e every game. Just missing a true PG.

I think…

  1. Pistons. They’ll make it this year. Griffin is back in the line up tomorrow. If he can stay relatively healthy, there’s no way the Pistons miss the playoffs.

  2. Lions. As bad as I feel about them right now, I really feel like there’s a path for them that doesn’t include blowing it all up…again. Stay the course, keep trying to improve, and I think they can get there.

  3. Red Wings. Putting a lot of hope in Yzerman. First move is to move on from Blashill.

  4. Tigers. LOL…that team is lost in the sauce. I see no clear path for them to improve for many many years. Avila sucks, plain and simple. Sure was nice to see 3 former Tiger pitchers in the World Series this year. They actually think they’re going to “money ball” their way to success. It’s embarrassing.

I really don’t think the playoffs being the standard is apples to apples. The Tigers play in a sport where its the hardest to make it. The Lions are next. The Pistons are in the easiest one to make the playoffs. All you have to do in the NBA is not completely suck and tank the season and you’ll be in the playoffs. More than half the damn league makes it.

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What would a better metric be?