Whose pick was Hockenson?

Just curios . What do you think ?

Quinn make the final call , but who might have triggered it ? Patricia anyway will not want an offensive player . Is it stafford or bevell ? We could have won few more games last year it was picked correctly last year with Oliver or bush

Pretty sure Stafford demanded it :roll_eyes:

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Bob Quinn he’s the GM


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defensive minded coaches think they are so smart (their system) they can do it with lesser players, so they usually sway toward getting more help for the offense. That and Patricia got Flowers and Coleman so we had to give the offense some help.

I’ll go on record saying I like the player, just hate taking a TE that early.

Stafford never demands anything, despite the fact I wish he would at times. I’m sure the OL was something his agent mentioned as the new regime came in, but it is time he voice his concerns.

They see what gronk was (and what that offense is without him) to NE and they thought, AND STILL DO, hock was that. Why is it so hard to believe this was a unanimous pick by all??

FYI - Matt Patricia stated before his first season that the Lions biggest need was TE.

Remember we tried to trade for Gronk.

I tend to think that him and BQ both felt it was a big need.

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Seriously, I’d have to say it was Quinn. Who was “reported” to have wanted to trade for Gronk. Crisis averted thanks to him or we’d probably not have a first round pick this year.

Make sense , you are right

You don’t know we would have won few more games with Oliver or Bush That is just a BS anti GM statement.

I can say he could turn out to be a Hall Fame TE based on how he compares to TE from Atlanta TONY GONZALEZ It would carry as much fact as your point about Bush an Oliver