Why 2 first Rd picks is better than one Top-3 pick in this draft

When you look at the talent in this draft, two first round picks is better than one top-3 pick.

Me, I’d trade all the way down to 9 with the Jags and get their 9,20, and 3rd round pick. Then take DT Kinlaw at 9, the best man-corner avail at 20 (likely Henderson or Gladney), and the top RB avail at 35 (likely Dobbins) so that even when Kerryon goes down again we have a legit starter backing him up (reliable ground game is also good defense). The edge rusher the Lions want is Darryl Taylor who will still be there at the top of the 3rd, and with three 3rd rd picks in our pocket, we can easily trade back into the 2nd for anyone else we really want.


In the end they are all dart throws. The higher in the draft…the bigger the board you are throwing at.

I would definitely rather have more darts in my pocket. Especially in RD 1 where the board is still pretty large all round.

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I like the idea of trading back too. But what we lack on this team are difference makers. Are we better off with Kinlaw and Henderson rather than Okudah and whomever we can get in the second or third (say Gallimore) at DT? Possibly. But I do think there is a drop off after the two QB’s and Young, Okudah and Simmons are gone. It really is a crapshoot. Knowing Quinn we’re probably going with Okudah at 3 without a TD as usual.

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I like your plan.

This is presupposing that the Jags would be willing to make this trade, and I don’t think they would. I think they’re far more likely to trade down, get more picks next year, then use those picks to move up for Trevor Lawrence if necessary. The Dolphins plan, basically.

I agree that the Top 4 or 5 guys in the draft appear to be from another planet compared to the rest, but any other draft, if you told me the Lions landed the #2 cover corner, #2 DT, a starting-caliber RB and an extra 3rd round pick I’d be stoked.

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Nice scheme! Nice dream!! Like it