Why are we cutting/trading players for nothing?

In my thirty years of being a fan, I’ve never been more frustrated with an organization than the Quinn-Patricia regime.

The most bothersome thing lately is how the Lions seem happy to just ship talented players out of town and get practically nothing in return. Over the last few years, we’ve waved goodbye to Golden Tate, Quandre Diggs, Darius Slay, Snacks Harrison, and Devon Kennard, among others. We’ve gotten absolutely nothing outside of a paltry few later-round draft picks.

Almost all of those players - definitely Kennard, Slay, and Snacks - could still be on this team under the current cap. Does anyone here believe that we’re going to sign three better players than Kennard, Slay, and Snacks with the roughly $45mil in cap space we have? Even if you think Snacks is broken down, Slay is overrated, and Kennard is average - I bet you still don’t think we’re going to sign three better players than those guys!

So, why are they gone? This is the definition of GUTTING a team - just waving goodbye to players for no reason…or because you don’t like their attitude, or they’re not “Buying In” to your plan, or they’re not a “good fit” for your System?

How can anyone defend this? I’m tired of Lions fans saying “just wait and see, you never know, it might work!” - does anyone really believe this is going to work?


Things are so bad we should fold the franchise and curl up and die. Ridiculous again.


In thirty years you haven’t seen roster churn? This happens on every team every year. And you are (over) reacting to just the first two days of the league year! Just wait until you see the extra churn that happens after the draft, then June 1st, then before OTA’s, then during TC, then after final cutdowns. I really don’t think this is much different than other years except we have more cap space to play with from year to year. Keep calm Chicken Little! :cold_sweat:

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We were a 3-13 team last year. We can scrape the entire team, save Stafford, and end up with a better record. No one is irreplaceable. Give me Chris Harris and Desmond Trufant in place of Slay and a retread.

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We didn’t win any playoff games with these guys you mention. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. WELL it is broke so you better try something to fix it.

OR fire the plumber. In this case the HC or GM or both after the season.

If it works then the past doesn’t matter. Who will you praise if they have a good season? Quinn for getting the right mix or Patricia for molding them into a unit. Stafford for being the leader? It will be funny to revisit all the posts that were made IF BIG IF they have a successful season. If they don’t we will be posting about the next hire.

Lets take a breath people.

Slay is a near 30 year old disgruntled CB who wanted to be paid as one of the highest corners for the next 4 years.

Harrison was done as an effective NFL player and asked for a release anyway.

Collins is a better player than Kennard, they play the same position so no using up $17M for two players playing the same role.

Not a fan of the Diggs trade. I still don’t understand that one.

I know we’re all angry with the team for god knows how many years and last year sucked big time but lets use some common sense here.
FTR, I’m not thrilled with the way the Slay situation ended either but it was best to move on for both parties. I’d rather deal him for the picks and free up $10M cap space than keep a disgruntled player for a year and lose him for nothing or even worse, pay top dollar to a 30+ year old CB who seems to have already lost a step at 29.

Chris Harris signed with the Chargers yesterday so maybe we move on to Logan Ryan? He says he would take a short term deal but wants $10M per year still. We will draft at least 1 CB this year too.

For me to believe what you guys are trying to sell, I have to believe they’re going to use this $45mil to bring in more bigtime players. Does anyone here really believe that this team is gonna go sign a couple game-changing players with that cap space? Like, this team still has no pass rush - is a bigtime pass rusher walking through that door anytime soon?

Otherwise, aren’t you better having these guys on the roster than not on the roster?

I was far more frustrated with Matt Millen and fans kept telling me that it needed to be done. That we needed to melt it down and start over.

I just don’t believe this. I believe talent is the key to winning more than anything else. You build on above average talent.

I personally feel a HC needs to find a way to use that talent. He needs to find a way to get players to buy in.

I firmly believe that BQ and MP are in over their heads.

Resign yourself to the fact that the Lions are taking Okudah with the third pick. I love Okudah, but using a third pick to take a corner is awful value.

If Philly didn’t mount a crazy comeback against Washington, we’d have the second pick and we’d have a generational pass rusher in Chase Young. But nope, instead we’ll sit where we are…make no trades and accept a cornerback who will be a good nfl player (and maybe a great player once he leaves the lions in four years to play for a team like the Steelers).

Slay didn’t want to be here and Snacks didn’t want to be here and seemed done anyway. You can’t put a gun to their head and make them want to be here. It was the 30th ranked defense in the league last season, what exactly are we clinging to?

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Lots of fine points here. If your points starts with “in 30 years I have never been so frustrated” and your next noun ISN’T Matt Millen your point is lost.

Bob Quinn has drafted for two coaches now. If anything posters were right to note at the tone that Caldwell and Cooter needed to go. Quinnn seems to gave tried to find players for T. Austin and Cooter. That has set us back. I supported waiting and I was wrong.

This club was likely a 7-9 ball club in 2019 if Matt stayed healthy. But he didn’t and we ended up 3-13.

But I will defend Quinn for pucks like WR Golladay and OT Joe Dahl, DT Da’Shawn Hand, C Frank Ragnow, S Tracy Walker, CB AO and hell wven Decker was a solid draft pick. Jamal Agnew, Tyrell Crosby and others.

Marvin Jones Jr. was a brilliant signing, we went from Calvin Johnson to Calvin who because of Golladay and Jones.

The record stinks now but come on. Keep it together. Millen had what, 10 drafts? Then we had Mathew from 2009-2015. Seven drafts. Quinn has had 4 with two different coaches, one forced o him. To me year 5 is critical. I am willing to wait until after this season to get pissy.

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Fans love saying “just get rid of everyone, I don’t care! - we sucked anyway!” Fans of bad teams cheer when players get shipped out of town, because they just want to see something else…anything else.

But, talent is king in the NFL - you don’t build a winning team by shipping out talent. Unless you’re Bill Belichick, you find a way to use the talent on your team…you change your system so it fits the personnel you have.

Did you miss the part where I said that they didn’t want to be here?

I’m not “cheering” any of these moves either. I’m just not going to get all upset about it when the players didn’t want to be here and players who I wasn’t that attached to anyway because,. yes, they were a part of the worst defense in the league.

You can argue that Quinn didn’t get enough for Slay but you can’t blame him for trading Slay because again, Slay CLEARLY didn’t want to be here anymore and Snacks requested to be released.

It’s not about spending the money, it’s about making good decisions, whether it’s $25M, $45M of $60M in cap space.

Then you should hate the direction of this team even more - they have managed to create an organization that nobody wants to play for.

If 75% of the good players in this league look at the Lions and say “nah, I’ll pass on playing there, that’s a career graveyard” - then there’s no hope in sight.

Diggs and Tate wanted to be here.

Not to mention that the HC and BQ are responsible for building an atmosphere that players want to be a part of.

I will say it again, we lost dozens of games by a few meager points OR things would be different, the last TWO seasons are a magnified example. we were a mess because of a number of things the team/we self inflicted. It does start upfront. you can’t have inept owners followed up by inept GM’s and HC’s that had next to no experience. and not think the team isn’t going to follow and be bad to. domino effect. BUT I will say that because we didn’t hang more points up, because we played undisciplined, because we couldn’t bring enough pressure on QB’s , because we had defensive players whiffing , because Stafford only played part of the season , because we were insufficient at running, we lost games. our opponents took advantage of our inadequacies . and, we did not win much. but that is ALL on us.

This is compounded being we are a bad team as it is, but THEN we keep having the same issues with missed opportunities, blown plays, and mistakes to the point…that we lose more games than we “should” not because our opponents beat the hell out of us, but because we do all these little things wrong -and it costs us each time- until we wind up with losing records instead of “acceptable” ones hovering around 10 /11 wins… rule of thumb here is we bite ourselves in the ass more than just blatantly & outright losing to our opponents -like they severely outplayed us. The reality is they didn’t most times but we did enough to lose (X) game or games plural.

I think what many miss is - if we had comparably talented players , but reasonable health, we will likely make playoffs. Add Matt last year, and we win 7 or 8. Add in the GB and KC victories that w earned, and we’re at 9, or so. Factor in that our strength of schedule is even weaker than last year.

Let’s see what we do in FA, but I don’t see playoffs as a stretch at all.

I’ve been wrong about this team so many times that I have the law of averages on my side. I’m eventually going to be right, and I’m statistically WAY overdue!

:muscle: :crazy_face:

Don’t get too frustrated folks… You will weaken your body’s immune response system and make yourselves more vulnerable to cold viruses and bacterias…

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