Why Can't Regular Season games be like this

The games today I thought were officiated very well an wish every game could at least come close to the games today.

They let them play an no chicken type of calls a couple flags were iffy.

But I thought overall very good work done an wish could be this way during season.

I enjoyed the games an football played they let players on field Play


Texans got some home cooking in OT today. Horrible spot to get a 1st down and then missed an obvious delay of game on the huge 3rd down conversion.


I thought the crackback call was one they could have let go. It wasn’t that egregious and the players chasing was not going to make the tackle.

But better than most games, officiating wise.


Houston was rewarded a few times by horrible calls/non-calls.

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Yup, thought that was terrible.

Even the Refs throw the rule book under the bus, taking away a TD from the Bills.

Carter had a brain fart and tossed the ball to the ref, the ref says, “I ain’t touching that”. But a smart Bill did - TD!

The rule clearly states that " it touches a player of the kicking team who has touched the ground on or behind the receiver’s goal line AND has not re- established himself in the field of play. See 11-4-2 for options for missed field goals beyond the 20-yard line." (Rule 9,sec. 1, Art.4, A3)

Emphasis on “AND”, it does say or. Trivial, damn right, but its a rule. Change it the off season. Not say, we know what you meant. This shit just keeps getting worse and worse.

Wish we had this crew in KC when KJ fumbled at the goal and called it dead by saying’ “that’s OK KennyG, we knew you meant to touch him.”

The Min push off for the game winning TD was a surprising no call as well.

Two Playoff games decided by officials. Still a bad look.

I have to admit the saints get jobbed almost as much as the Lions do. Boy do their fans whine about it too.


That helmet dive into wentz should have been called. he wasn’t tackling him with his arms up he dove straight at his helmet with his own helmet.

Regular season is just a formality to decide which teams get to the playoffs.