Why CB Amani Oruwariye Will Be Vital to Lions' Secondary in 2020

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That is one of my hopes. I guess it is one of the reasons that i did not see the CB position as bad as some. I had hoped him and Slay together would be great. Now that it is not possible i still have hope for Amani.

I liked what I saw from him , no worse then Slay was year one , Mike Ford was improved from 2018 …You need two potential #1 CB’s and two potential #2 types …

Okudah and Amani will be the future when Trufant is gone .

Why stunt Amani’s growth for the next 2 years?

If they believe in Amani they are absolutely not taking Okudah.

Remember this regime is in WIN NOW mode.


I was just thinking the same thing!!

Which means to me, if CY is not there, and they don’t get a haul of picks to TD, makes sense that it’s between Simmons and Brown.

I don’t think they are…if they truly were it would have been said very differently .
Our 2 starters form 2019 are gone …in Slay 871 snaps and Melvin 881 snaps

Trufant at 30 years old takes over for Slay on a 2 year deal and has missed 15 games the last 4 years …7 just last year

Coleman is back in the slot 977 snaps in 2019

Amani and his 7 games played in and his 217 snaps in 2019 are not ready for #2 work

Mike Ford is what he is at this point and 166 snaps in 2019 are not ready for #2 work

Michael Jackson has no played at all , Tony Mc Rae & Dee Virgin do not breed confidence .

This team needs a real talent like Okudah and we need another corner as well .

Amani should be the first back up in.

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I feel like if they take Okudah they dont believe in Amani ever being the 2. He is not going to overtake the top 2 guys at that point right?

Amani has elite size. Has ball skills. What’s not to like? If they arent in win now mode then why not let him show what hes got?

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I like Amani, alot actually … he is just not ready …He did not become a starter until his senior year at Penn State and lacks that twitchy reaction , tight in his hips , his feet are just okay and his back pedal was average…He is wet behind the ear …needs some time to develop…Not starting year #2 is not a knock

Marlon Humphrey was one of the best CB’s in the game in 2019 and did not become a full time starter until year 3

Chris Harris did not become a full time starter until year 3

Casey Hayward I think not until year 4 or 5

Okudah can be our #1 for the next 10 years like Peterson you do not pass that up .

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Heyward is an odd case. He started 7 of 16 games his rookie season, had 6 INTs and 21 passes defensed, and was one of the top defensive rookies in the NFL. But then in year 2, he suffered a major hamstring injury and went on IR in November. But for injuries, he was a starting level talent.

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Amani is a guy I’ll die on the hill for.

The plays he made are the plays 1st rounders make.

He’s good.

I agree. His pick against the Redskins was top of the line. His pick of Erin was not too shabby either. He had some nice plays on the ball as well and was sticky more times than not. He’s going to be a plus starter sooner rather than later. I still don’t understand why he fell as far in the draft as he did.

I don’t think that his development makes Okudah unnecessary though. Trufant is a stop gap and at best even money to play close to a full season.

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One thing I’ve always noticed getting overlooked in preseason/pre-draft predictions for next year is the 2nd year improvement of the previous year’s draft class.

Amani DID look pretty good for a rookie. And guess what’s even better? He is going to make a major leap from year one to year two (if we use history as our guide for cornerback improvement year one to year two)

Same with Hock. Rookie TEs are usually terrible. Major leaps are made year 2 (and even year 3).

I think you could also make that same argument for Tavai as well. And the biggest improvement may just come from Will Harris or Austin Bryant.

We could possibly be looking at a foundational draft class. Not huge difference makers but a bunch of starters/near-starter contributors.

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Hock is going to be a baller starting next year. Austin Bryant is a bit of a wild card and I do think allowing Harris to be that third safety and predominantly operate in the box will help him.

I think the last draft class has a chance to be a decent one. We really do need BQ to deliver an excellent draft at some point soon though. I like the depth of our roster but there is a dearth of top line talent.

Where does Darryl Roberts fit in all this?

I see Roberts as a versatile CB/Nickel/Dime/maybe FS who can play special teams and backup multiple positions without the sort of fall off you might see with more inferior backups. He also have very good upside/physical tools, and maybe they think they fix the regression he had with the Jets.

Remember last year, when 80% of the board thought he was a steal getting him in the fifth. What’s changed, I say nothing. Just one more reason to NOT take Okudah with the third pick.

Do you think Trufant is a long term solution?

No I dont. But we should also see a lot more of Amani. To see if he’s a true NFL corner.

I also have some hope for Micheal Jackson. Has great size and speed. Only allowed a 36 qbr rating when targeted his final college season. He was a little bit of an under the radar pick up mid season when the lions snatched him from the Cowboys practice squad.

Between Amani, Mike Ford, and Michael Jackson they have some young corners that can develop.

Agree about AO. I’ve been a lions fan for 31 years and we’ve never had two top tier NFL starting CBs. The idea that we could have that as well as a good nickel and a pretty good veteran starter is mighty appealing to me.

In order to have a good pass defense there are two approaches. I think we are closer to excelling at coverage than excelling at rushing the passer.