Why fans are nice to Quinn?


He tried to trade for Gronk which nobody will do at gronks age and potentially losing a 1 st rd pick . He franchised ziggy when knowing the injury and gifted him 17 million . He signed the broken Lang as we all know and wasted 10 million this year . Signed the broken qb paying 27 million this year for ding and dunk . Why you need a 27 million qb for that ?This guy simply wasted ford money


Broken QB? May I remind you that the Jets knew our playbook, game 1.
Is Aaron Rodgers broken, too?
Same old Bubbles.


Dude… Don’t feed the troll


Fake News much?


So you would be happy if fans were nasty to Quinn ?
How would that improve the franchise or attract a better GM ?


This guy was banned on the last site, he will be again. Patience.


Question is…

Does he go after Gronk again on a sell low by Bellicheck?


No, Gronk is on record stating that he would retire as opposed to playing anywhere else than NE.