Why haven't we been able to run worth a broke 6ick in 15 years !?

Think about all the RB’s that OUR Front Office turned their noses to during 15 seasons of drafts, and free agents instead they have taken guys that get injured plenty or can barely run for 3 yards per carry. like we are “bargain shopping” and trying to save money in the clearance isle all the damn time. have we had a stellar RB in 15 years !?

Move onto defense, in 15 years what we were Top 10 or higher what for two seasons out of the last 15?? how does that happen unless you have the blind leading the blind !?

with Quinn & Patricia?? we are half assed. Our Offense is doing ok STILL without a reliable run game or suspect parts on the O-line…BUT the Defense has looked and played like clowns even against rookie QB’s .

I hate blaming MP here being he’s SO damn raw , the part he plays . again I think all our leaders are busy bickering on how to play or how to “fix” things than actually righting the ship. Quinn, Paul P, Matt P , and Bevell only part of the team is functioning. I think that if Matt Patricia says any damn thing he is largely overlooked and talked over, I think Paul P thinks he is the most qualified to run the defense and the rest have all been around longer than Patricia. And sorry Matt Patricia doesn’t strike me as one who is going to speak up , take a stand and declare that is HIS defense !

I say there is too many cooks in the damn kitchen though little work is getting done.

Barry Jr never developed past HS god level.


Barry was 30 years ago to.

It’s been over 20!

This answer will be triggering for many here, but I believe it’s the truth: Stafford.

What do I mean?

At least in the Jim Caldwell era, there was all but an admission that they preferred Stafford throwing to a full-scale commitment to a running game. That Stafford screens and short passes would equate to what a running game would provide.

When that philosophy proved flawed, and the offense started being less effective near the end of Caldwell’s tenure, there was suddenly an urgency to providing running help. But injuries, bad luck and a general philosophy that when the run wasn’t working, just go back to Stafford’s arm, won the argument.

The Lions still backslide to that mentality today, three-four coaches or coordinators later.

Never a commitment to the personnel necessary to run.
Over-reliance on Stafford’s arm.
Never a commitment to the concept of running consistently, so a constant reversion back to Stafford throwing it when the run wasn’t working.

When it comes to RBs many teams trip over dollars trying to save dimes. Its the most ridiculously undervalued position from a monetary standpoint, and many teams STILL don’t want to pay the price of admission. Its crazy. They’ll recoil when you ask them to pay $5M/year for a 1,000 yard back. But hand out $9M/year to small receivers who barely crack 500 yards of production. Its amazing. And let’s not even get started on how much teams overvalue DE talent. Sheesh, if you can produce 6 sacks you are worth $15M/year to somebody.:rofl:


I get that Spiel, but we were left with no option but to revert back to Stafford and throwing, this is why his attempts increased.

I also understand ‘our’ line was a ‘pass-blocking one’ NOT a run blocking line.

Bevell introduced marginal success with our running BUT injuries trumped it.
KJ is ok when he’s healthy, but man we need a SURE #2 for when KJ isn’t…SO we can KEEP RUNNING with positive results.

PLUS, we aren’t JUST overusing KJ because we would-have another able back that is productive to aid KJ by giving KJ a breather/rest “at times.” which I assume would help KJ last longer and get fewer injuries.

Mr. Speilman, it’s that what it’s been for 15 years sir?

My personal opinion is coaching and play calling.

I’ve known when the Lions are going to run the ball with at least 75%+ accuracy for over a decade now.

If I’m a guy sitting at home on the couch and I can tell when the Lions are going to run, so can the defense. We’ve lacked a lot of creativity with our offensive play callers for years now. I put the blame on this more than I do the players in most cases. The Lions have had good backs, they just haven’t found a coach that knows how to call a running game. Now that they supposedly do, they don’t have enough talent in the backfield to make it work.

It’s always one thing or the other.

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Part of it is also attitude. We simply don’t have the right mindset for being a good running team.

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My personal opinion is that the Lions haven’t placed the running game in high priority pretty much since Barry left. The few times they actually did, James Stewart and Kevin Jones, it produced good results. Jones didn’t fit the Millen vision of wanted Millen wanted at RB. Millen wanted a Warrick Dunn type, tried to get Warrick Dunn but then passed on Clinton Portis in favor of Boss Bailey. He hit on Jones but that injury ruined Jones’ career. Otherwise I don’t recall RB being a huge priority. But this is the Lions and their misses because of lack of priority doesn’t just apply to the RB position…it applies to EVERY POSITION. But again, the hits the Lions made over the years is because of the priority they placed on that player or position. Stafford is one, for me the other is Suh. They needed an impact player like Suh and they knocked it outta the park with him. But then it seems like almost everything else they’ve done has been the luxury and taking who they felt was the best player available regardless of position. I think it’s a bad strategy.

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right now it’s KJ, great player when healthy , but with him being used excessively it helped pave the way to another injury OR inflame the same one he had before. my mind says we NEED a legit #2 RB to help rest KJ sometimes, to assist and HELP KJ.

and IF or when KJ does get re-injured again? well we STILL have the #2 Back to pick up the torch and keep producing ! who is #3 or 4?? not near as important.

RB 1 &2 have to be solid when running at all costs !

It all starts at the top. Incompetence breeds incompetence!

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EXACTLY, I’ve said this for the past 6 years ! Leadership is suspect then so is the team.

The owner and team president needed help from the NFL to pick a “competent” gm.

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On November 9, 2012, Accorsi was hired by the Carolina Panthers as a consultant after general manager Marty Hurney was fired.[21]

On December 29, 2014, it was announced that Accorsi had been hired by the Chicago Bears as a consultant for their general manager search after Phil Emery was fired.[22] On November 25, 2015, Accorsi was named a consultant for the Detroit Lions’ search for a new General Manager.[23]

On December 4, 2017, John Mara stated in a press conference that Accorsi would assist the New York Giants in hiring a replacement for former general manager Jerry Reese.[24]

On January 9, 2019, Michael Bidwill stated in a press conference that Accorsi had assisted the Arizona Cardinals in hiring Kliff Kingsbury as Head Coach


And what have those teams done? You just rattled off some of the worst teams in the NFL. Meanwhile, the 9ers did their own due diligence and are lightyears ahead of those who were clueless on how to do the single most important job.

Just because other owners were incompetent fools, doesn’t let Martha off the hook.

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Not just Martha. Woods, too! He was already in place.
The top two don’t have confidence in their own ability.
Here’s a surprise. Neither do I!

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The Panthers went to the Super Bowl

The Bears finished 12-4 and won the division last year

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Let me esplain…no, there is too much…let me sum up;

Jahvid Best-foot injury yr 2, concussions throughout

Kevin Jones- knee injury yr 2, other injuries

Kevin Smith-Worked like a plowhorse for 2 seasons, injured therafter

Reggie Bush. Yep, injured within 2 years

Mikel LeShoure…injured within 2 years

LeGarrette Blounte. Oh yeah, injured.

Joique Bell-snapped Achilles after yr 2 of regular work

Kerryon Johnson-Overachiever as he had knee injuries BOTH of his first two years.

Dexter Bussey, Barry Sanders. No one else has been tailback for the Lions 4 full seasons.