Why I have not lost hope for the Lions future

  1. Stafford says he’s okay, that’s 8 games right there. Had he played all 16, I daresay this team would’ve won several games that they lost.

  2. #3 pick in the draft, hopefully a defensive player that energizes everybody on that side of the ball.

  3. Lotsa cap space to go get some quality players.

  4. They got off to a poor start defensively cuz even before the season started the DL was messed up. And went downhill with mounting injuries as the season wore on. Sure, could happen again, but will it? NAH.

  5. Easier schedule this year IMHO, at least in terms of who we play.

  6. A buncha young fellas got some PT and that’s the fastest way to develop. Guys like Oruwariye, Harris, Tavai, Hockenson, and Ty Johnson could and should improve.

  7. A buncha pretty decent players are coming off the IR, no reason to believe they won’t be back and ready to go.

  8. A buncha coaches got canned, maybe more to follow. I do hope Pasamaquadi (Pete’s Dragon) goes in favor of a young guy with some fresh ideas to rejuvenate that defense.

  9. I’d bring back many of our FAs, who already know the Patricia methods and systems. That may not be too popular around here but I think there’s something to be said for continuity. It’s one thing to upgrade the talent, but another to replace somebody just to show you made changes. I don’t think it’s wise to have so many new guys who have to learn the system.

  10. Surely the Lions have learned that they cannot get by with garbage as your QB backup. You’re not going to sign a quality starting QB to be your #2 guy, but I think they’ll go after a better guy this offseason. Draft a QB if you find a good value, but not before round 5. Too many other more pressing needs.

This team lost Stafford half way through, had way too many injuries to other key guys, got fucked by the officials big time in GB and a few other times, but generally hung around until imploding at the end. I don’t see that happening nearly as much with #9 in there, there’s few better 4th qtr QBs in the league when it’s crunch time. The problem is keeping the lead after he gets it, and it’s my belief that this coaching staff is going to make that Job #1 this off-season.


This will be a very lonely thread.


I am with you. I think those are all good points

You can’t ignore what we would have done with Stafford. We lost one score games without him

To me…the question is…can Stafford truly be right after the back issues? Will he be OK or will it be Tony Romo where it really never gets healed and he has to quit?

The Packers lost ARog and went 4-12. That season sucked for them but it was a gift with high draft picks and then ARog is back. Can the Lions take advantage of a shitty season with the resulting high draft picks? TBD

And yes, I think they should draft Staffords replacement and hope they don’t need him for 2-3 years like the Packers did with ARog when they had Farve. Hopefully not with the #3 pick but in the top of the 2nd or 3rd…or 4th??? Is there a QB out there after the 1st round worth a pick? If so we should take him.

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I’m torn to be honest.

With coaching, I see an offense that’s able to adjust scheme to opponent. That’s been talked about before, but we actually watched it this year. I also see a defensive scheme that builds toward the same thing, but lacks healthy players. Having the potential for both an offense and a defense that can keep the opponent guessing is encouraging.

But then there’s the personnel needs of the team and I just don’t have any faith in Quinn. He’s the guy who refers to supplemental picks as something they’ve discussed as though it were a novelty and of no real consequence. Knowing that and the needs of the team, we’re going to bid farewell to Robinson and Glasgow (which I’m ultimately ok with) but there will be ZERO comp for them as we’ll also be active in the free agent market. Worse yet, there will probably be some middling talent offsetting those losses.

I wouldn’t say ARog is back. He looks like crap.

I’m not very optimistic about our future. I think we missed our window. But … in an attempt to honor the OG post.

We’re the second worst team in the NFL we can’t get much worse and if we do the staff will be fired and we will have the top pick in the draft. I guess that’s something to be excited about… right?

Also not as down as others.

This defense was middle of pack two years ago with less talent and then awful this year. Isn’t unreasonable IMO to think a decent d coordinator and some additional talent could get us back to middle of the pack.

Offense was solid under Stafford/Bevel until injury. I hope they build on that and add some talent at RB and Tackle. Also hoping we don’t take a step back next year.

I think it’s fair to think TJ will be better next year.

Not as down as others. I really believe after week 8 we threw in the towel.

No way to know that, he’s says he’s good to go but he also said that a year ago. I wrote posts myself, wondering if he would retire early, and I don’t think that’s beyond the realm of possibility although not this year maybe. The draft is certainly a possibility, but FA isn’t a bad option either to find a better backup QB. What about Sloter, maybe he can do better than the other guys we had in here. I’m not sold on Driskel or Blough, I want them to bring in somebody else and compete for the roster.

Back to Stafford, he’s gotta change his game and Bevell I think has to change the offense somewhat. Matthew just HAS to do a better job of avoiding the big hits. Get the freakin’ ball outta there and for God’s sake learn how to slide so you won’t get hit in the back like in Oakland. Some of that is a better running attack, which they improved this past season but needs to get better. 3rd and 3 is always better than 3rd and 10, 3 steps and the ball is gone.

Other thing is, the Lions D has to prove they can get it done in crunch time and stop the other team from scoring. Which means Stafford doesn’t have to take chances as often, holding onto the ball too long trying to get the team down the field in the last minute.

One last point about drafting a QB: I think much depends on what Quinn can do in FA. Who does he keep that is already here (Glasgow, A’Shawn, Amendola, etc), and who does he bring in? If he does a good job filing holes then maybe the Lions could use a draft pick on a QB; I still don’t feel good about using a day 1 or day 2 pick on a QB though, they need to be thinking about replacing Slay, Decker, Wagner, maybe Glasgow, A’Shawn, and Snacks. Among others.

26 TD passes to 4 INTs and 4002 yards passing is crap?


The same coordinator with additional talent can get you back to middle of the pack. The challenge is getting the amount of talent that’s needed for either the same coordinator or a new one.

A. How well was Stafford playing? (I’ll answer that one: Very well.)
B. What was the Lions’ record at the time he went out?


According to ESPN, Rodgers overthrew 16 passes for incompletions against the Lions, the most by any player since the network started tracking the stat in 2006. And the thing is, it wasn’t just one game.

Some people think ARog wasn’t as good as he used to be, and that his skills may be declining. I dunno if he’s a quick as he used to be, but the numbers don’t lie either.

The FreeP article by Birkett is talking about Stafford and when his skills start to deteriorate. He was playing very well until his injury, and he said he has no plans to quit any time soon (paraphrasing). BUT - you have to wonder how long it will be if he continues to take the punishment he’s been getting for some years now without a playoff quality team behind him.

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I like this post Wise and I agree. Did the defense piss me off in 2019? Of course. Has the record been good enough? No. Are there serious issues? Yes. Can they be solved? Maybe. Time will tell.

The Lions were a mess on offense in 2018 and they fired Jim Bob Cooter and brought in an experienced OC who did a really solid job in 2019.

I don’t blame people for being pissed at all. This history and these past two seasons have been brutal.

I admit I will be watching Graham Glasgow and A’Shawn Robinson closely as I think these are the kinds of players we need back on second contracts.

Past that I do believe there is an affordable path forward. It starts with locking down Graham, Robinson, Golladay and Slay. That will be expensive not leaving a lot of $ for other positions. I believe Snacks will be back and I welcome him back.

If the Lions do something like adding a Marcus Mariota as a back up that would be huge for us. Might Marcus start somewhere else? Maybe. But Marcus is 27 in October and this system might be very good for him. Give him a chance to catch his breath and learn from a guy who helped to develop Russell Wilson.

Getting a quality #2 QB is necessary. Past that if we add a better LBer…I am watching Reggie Ragland now that would help this group a whole lot.

Say we lock down and add the guys I mention, add Reggie Ragland, and then draft DT Derrick Brown and a rookie CB in rd. 2 (whoever falls noting we are in a SWEET spot to draft a solid rookie CB there).

Is that enough to help turn this tide? ESP. if Harrison returns on a mission? Maybe. If we move Jarrad Davis to the weakside, start Ragland with Tavai and Kennard doing his thing, lock down Robinson, add Derrick Brown and get Hand back as well as having Flowers that is a lot to like.

I don’t know what will happen but I don’t fell like this is a lost cause. I also respect folks if they believe it is.

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19-0 until proven otherwise

Most already know I love Bevell as our OC…


LOL, I have not given up hope but have not totally lost reason either. I’m kinda in the mode of tempering my outlook until I see what they do this off-season. They did only win 3 games, but I don’t think a big rebound is out of the question. They do have plenty of money to go after a few quality players.



I suspected at the time that GB game portended to be a momentum buster for the Lions. They were still on the fence, no one knew if we had a good team yet but we seemed to be playing up to competition (and down…).

The next Vikings game was the last full game I watched all year. Their back was broke. The mirage was sussed out. FO sends signals with the Diggs trade, a reluctant Stafford benched and towels go in the ring

I trust Quinn will hang up the smartest guy in the room ball-bat next midseason when it would be standard time to trade away an asset because its the last year of his contract. Word on the street is its win-now

People fail to account for the fact that Rodgers played in the same system his entire career. Enter new coach and new system and he is not as sharp. That is to be expected. I don’t think it is Rodgers - it is the new system and players (especially his receivers) that don’t know how to adjust on the fly. That is probably Rodgers greatest asset. Adjusting plays on the fly. He needs receivers that know him and the system and they are just not there yet. Unfortunately I expect them to get there which will make them a much more difficult team to beat.

I actually agree with the post - Our offense is fine and should actually be better (assuming a healthy Stafford). Defense was a warm pile but I think a lot of that is actually due to the inability to have our entire d-line play together during the pre-season and early season. Not one player played up to his potential and as a group they just were terrible. The key to this getting fixed is either getting these guys healthy early or replacing them in the offseason. We also need (as we all knew) a edge rusher that is a threat on every down. Nothing against Okawara but he is average at best and should not be a starter. Putting somebody across from Flowers will improve them both as well as the secondary coverage. None of this should be to difficult - I guess the real question is do we trust MP and Quinn to get it done.

Can’t disagree with u alot of good points, my thing is how do u get better on defense if your system doesn’t believe in rushing the passer. They better load up the offense so they can just plan out score everyone. Even Chase young won’t do much in this system.

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