Why I Love the Slay Situation (and you should too!)

I hate to start another Slay thread but this thread is specific to outcomes with Slay and why the Lions are in a pretty solid position with Slay. Here are the possible outcomes for Slay:

  1. We re-sign Slay. We know him, he is a solid player and we simply get a deal done and bring him back. All parties are happy.

  2. We trade Slay…but we get some kind of compensation for letting him go. Personally if we get more than a 3rd for him I will be happy. Another team needs to pay him still which is why a team might not want to give up much for Slay. That team could simply dip into the free agent pool without giving up a draft asset. So if we trade Slay we get something and that makes me happy BECAUSE…

  3. We can then go after a younger free agent CB using Slay’s 2020 cap and more to sign an up and comer. My guess right now…we go after just-turned 25 CB Kendall Fuller. Kendall is a fine young CB who has been really good in KC and he can play outside and inside, like Coleman. That would be a fine outcome if we lose Slay.

Now…there are certainly other solid stop gap options if we lose Slay. Chris Harris for example. Logan Ryan for example. Solid players even if not Slay.

However you want to cut it those are all fine outcomes. But there is one more bad option and thus risk:
We lose Slay and out free agent CB target don’t sign here. That would be bad.

I am happy with three out of four outcomes. There is risk there but if Slay leaves the Lions will have the resources to go hard after a replacement player.

Look at it this way. Which outcome is best:
Slay re-signed V. Lions get a draft pick PLUS say Kendall Fuller/Chris Harris V. or Lions get a draft pick and NO Slay replacement? Option one and two are the most likely while option three is the risk on option two (option two is the opportunity cost of re-signing Slay too).

Either way I am happy. Knowing there is a top CB rookie out there that may fit here well too takes some of the sting out of the third option if necessary.


IMO a rookie may be ok, but he’s not going to just erase all thoughts of Slay with his skills and play
A FA? that is a better route to go bc your already getting someone with experience…say Fuller, the jab is how much money will a FA want? I WANT Darius to stay a Lion but , if he’s gone we have options however it has to be improved upon Slay OR better if your making moves.

I like the option of keeping him 1 more season (I know he’s not happy about it). If he’s too upset, restructure his contract so we can’t franchise him next year.

  • $10M for Slay on a one year deal is a bargain
    We can potential trade him at deadline
    Next year would be a contract year, he has extra incentive to play well
    We would be in line for a compensatory pick for slay in 2022, possibly/likely a 3rd

Based on the above, I think we need to get a high second/low one

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Good observation Dead…I should have added that as a subset of option one. I listed option one as we re-sign Slay but it is also that Slay is forced to stay here and we find a way to get him to play.

It has been noted in other threads that Slay has a lot of leverage but the Lions hold a really solid hand with Slay. As long as the Lions are making a deal in 2020 there really isn’t a lose/lose situation for the Lions. Slay is either here in 2020 OR we trade and replace him. The lose/lose I guess is if we strike out with free agents but we also have his cap room to spend so that seems unlikely to me.

A question worth asking is why would another team want Slay now? There are other free agents available. It IS valuable that a team can have Slay negotiated NOW. A team trading for Slay gets a guy who has Pro Bowl credibility AND that player is extended NOW too. No playing a free agent game (like the Lions might have to do). To me this is about Slay’s value to another team and what the Lions want in return to let Slay walk when we hold another year of his contract.

If by the end of February Slay cannot find a team willing to pay him more $ Slay realizes his best choice is to stay here which I think is also a great outcome.

Slay will be 29 for the 2020 season. A three year deal with Slay (really a two year deal) seems likely to me. From 2020-the 2022 season making Slay 32 for the 2023 season.

I wouldn’t take a 3rd for him but I bet BQ does.

Personally I’d offer him an extension At 15 mil a year and if he declines I’d make him play out his contract and then tag him at the end of the season. Id let it known that those are his only two options. His choice.

I agree with all this.