Why I think we should extend Slay an new deal GG also

I do not see a major upgrade if we sign Joe Thuney $13,964,475 Market value . When I think 10 mil would get GG signed for next 4 or 5 years remember this total amount is not as important as Guaranteed money.

Slay 3 years, $43,769,268 3 year deal starting in 2021 his 2020 cap hit is $13,368,750. This has already been counted in a cap for 2020
Slay we can keep on his deal now for 2020 an could if we want tag him in 2021 again reading what some talking head s are guessing who we are interested in an the cost makes me want to extend Slay

We can handle these guys easy on Cap an we know what we are getting. I just don’t see value in the FA market to replace these two. Your then looking at a good OL for 2020 an can still add .

If we trade Slay an let GG walk those are two holes along with holes on DL that need to be filled. I know no rush to get Slay done but why not get GG done we have paid big money for FA Lang an never got even close to value due to injuries an they happen but we know physical state of GG an Slay for that matter .


I don’t see the need in trading Slay. He has a year left. He either balls for his next contract or he’ll take less next year. Going after Chris Harris and drafting Okudah would make Slay expendable. But I’d just let it play out.


I agree. I think by letting GG go and trading Slay we CREATE two holes we’re going to have to fill. I think Slay is better than any free agent we could sign so I think we would be downgrading and over paying for a replacement for him. It seems to me Harris or Jones would be the targets and the reports of what they want in a contract are similar to what we would pay Slay. I’ve read there might be a bidding war for Jones. Just seems stupid to get rid of a guy who is better than what we would sign. Same goes for GG. I think he’s a helluva player. Dude plays all over the line, never misses a game let alone a snap, has the right mentality. I can’t see why we won’t re-sign him. If we’re going to go after Thuney seems like we’re going to pay more for him when we could re-sign GG and spend that extra money somewhere else. Its mind boggling that they are gonna let GG walk. A player we drafted and developed.

I have read that the speculation is Thuney gets mega deal around 17-18 a year. If GG is too expensive at 12-13 I can’t imagine they go after Thuney at 18.