Why it was right to release Wagner

Rick Wagner earned career lows in every grade in 2019

59.0 OVR
60.2 PB
53.9 RB

While his 7.3% pressure rate allowed was his second-worst and his pass blocking efficiency was his worst (96.0)

An understandable move to make for the 6th highest paid RT in the NFL


Tyrell Crosby
62.4 OA
Too cheap to pay for PFF so if you can add the Run and Pass blocking numbers cool.
397 Snaps
2 Sacks

His pay seemed to me to vastly outweigh his production. Granted, he’s an o lineman, so how do you measure production. You’re going to overpay on guys, it’s the nature of the business. It’s determining whether the money spent on a veteran would be better used in other area’s, while replacing the veteran with a cheap replacement.
Using my 100%, scientific eye test guarantee, I felt like Wagner was/is a player we can easily use a fraction of the money spent to get equal value. Then if the cheap guy plays better, huge win.


As time marches on and the CBA doesn’t, decisions must still be made.

And you have to err in the side of caution or worst case scenario imho.

Getting rid of contracts now - I wonder more than think - if that makes things raise to manage later in if the CBA stall…

We needed another Wagner thread?

I guess I’d rather have kept RR.

Wagner needed to go. So I’m ok with that.

I think there’s a good chance we go OT with our first pick.

My big issue is that BQ now has to replace two OL player and Decker hasn’t really proven he’s worthy of an extension. BQ just can’t seem to get the OL right. He’s put a ton of recourses into it and it’s no better than it was before.

Solution - Sign Thuney to play LG. Move Dahl to RG and also move Decker to RT where he’s probably better suited to be. Then draft the best LT in a loaded tackle class. The rookie gets to play next to an all pro OG who can help groom him along. Line a TE up next to the rookie to help chip and slow the DL. Finally the OL is fixed.

Yeah. BQ biggest failure has been his mass investment of OLine resources, that haven’t paid off. Not mad he tried, many believe “investing in the trenches” is the only way to build a team. Can’t ever say he didn’t try to build the front lines, but it hasn’t worked.

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I think it’s wrong to say Quinn’s investment in OL has been a failure
Assuming PFF ratings are roughly right, they’re top 1/3 of league
Not a smashing success, but not a failure
I’m not going to bash on Quinn for Lang / Wagner moves but he needs to start improving his WAR

I thought there was no chance to keep RR at RT?

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