Why Not Us?

49’ers stuck with Kyle Shanahan after a tough 2 years.
They even went backwards in year 2.
I will choose to remain a glass 1/2 full guy and eagerly await the draft and a better 2020 season.
Year W L
2017 * 6-10
2018 *4-12
2019 *13-?


That’s why not.


It comes down to ability.
Kyle Shanahan has coaching ability
Matt Patricia does not.

That is why not us.

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Been saying this forever…

Why not Jeff Driskel?
Why not David Blough?

When you answer that question, apply the answer to the original question and you have the answer.

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We don’t need a Kyle Shanahan. We have Bevell as our offensive mind. He’s plenty good enough.

We need a DC that will bring that D up to snuff. It’s not a lost cause as many here think. A decent pass rush and the whole thing clicks a lot better.


Shanahan talk 2018:

Dude that’s just it this system doesn’t prioritize the past rush. That’s like saying if we could make a Apple a orange it would be good.

The Lions are going nowhere with Patricia as HC. He does not do anything well as a HC. The only other coach who is worse is Cinci coach who is in way over his head. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Getting better meaning Patricia is gone.

Bringing in a new DC is going to do nothing lol. No decent DC candidate is going to come in and work under Patricia and run his defense.

Its as likely that Jeff Driskel turns into Tom Brady as it is Matt Patricia turns into Kyle Shanahan.

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Normally I’m optimistic. I tend to look to the bright side. But with MP and BQ I just don’t feel it. I disagree with a lot of choices they have made and I believe their actions have hurt the teams growth.

The fact that they do not know what went wrong is a telling sign for me. I have zero confidence that these two will right the ship. I wish they had given me something to be optimistic about.

I hate to be a Debbie downer but I can’t hide from my feelings.

This is the lowest I’ve been as a fan since 0-16.

I truly don’t see a realistic path to success with this regime. Short term or long term.

I hope I’m wrong.

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And I have this bad feeling that Martha will keep them both after 2020 because there are still 2 years left on their contracts.

It’s going to take a few years to get rid of the stench that these idiots have brought here.

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Here is a good read


They haven’t sat in the QB room with the GOAT for 3 years?

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