Why, specifically, do the Lions finish drives/games so poorly?

And what, specifically, can be done about it?

The offensive line has been a disappointment generally, particularly in the run game. It seems like every run attempted in the red zone goes nowhere, or backwards.

I found myself in the Green Bay game reverting to Caldwell-era mode, where I don’t want them to even ATTEMPT to run. Just keep flinging it.

As for why the Lions fade in the second halves of games, (they’ve held the lead in the 4th quarter of every game, with a double-digit or two-score lead in the 4th in two of the three games they’ve not won).

I’m going to throw Monday Night out of it, because they did do the necessary things to win in that game, and the refs prevented it.

Because the Lions did the necessary things to win, maybe that signals that they’re starting to come around. Because earlier in the year, I think it was a mental thing; not staying as pedal-to-the-medal in scheme and execution for 60 minutes as they need to to close out games.

They’re unable to execute a 4-minute offense due to run-blocking.
Penalties resulting in being behind the chains.
Then, when you are 3rd and long and/or in the Redzone, you have skills players failing to execute too often. (Fumbles, dropped passes, general sloppiness in execution)

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Another thing worth mentioning – one of their big free agent acquisitions was Jesse James, and they made the unusual move of drafting a TE in the top 10 of the draft. Both moves were made with improved Red Zone offense in mind, and James has done zilch in the RZ. Hockenson has shown flashes of what might be to come, but it’s not there consistently yet.

Golladay should be a regular RZ weapon, and has been at times this season (K.C. game). But we need some “go-to,” unstoppable kind of Red Zone performers. That COULD come with time, but I’m not sure the O-line and run game are going to find some way to dramatically improve in-season. Kind of a shame, since Quinn has focused on the O-line more than any other position group.


At the risk of over simplifying things it’s Bc our run game is atrocious



We’ve got a fever…

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Yep - the run game is just really bad. In general I think our formations are causing teams to stack the box. That is part of it. But when everyone knows you are going to run and you need 1-2 yards you should still be able to move the pile sometimes. We get zero movement off the ball most of the time. Not sure if it is everyone failing, bad execution or what but if it is not improved soon this season will be toast.

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I see linemen pulling and blocking the wrong guy.
Or RB’s taking a lane that the OL isn’t trying to open for them.
Or TE’s getting shoved aside by their assignment, wrecking the lane that they were trying to create.

I see a run game that looks similar to what Cooter tried, leading to Gruden just about pulling his hair out during the last game he broadcast for us. It’s not quite as chaotic as JBC’s effort, but the timing is certainly off, along with the assignments.

Pay close attention to 3rd down plays in the 4th quarter (whether Lions or opposition). It’s self explanatory.

I think it’s part of our strategy, to try and get a lead then choke the life out of the game. We tried against Philly and it almost backfired on us, we tried it against Arizona and it did backfire on us, we tried it against GB and it backfired on us too. It’s a good strategy, actually, but as many here have mentioned, we’re having a hell of a time pulling it off cause of our run-game struggles. Still, I’d expect to keep seeing it if we have double-digit leads in the 2nd half.