Why the Lions should not waste a draft pick on

  1. Quarterback - They already have a good one and he is not going anywhere for a few years.
    2 . Punter - There are only 32 teams in this league meaning there are 32 starting jobs for Punter. You can’t tell me the Lions can’t find a great Punter without using a draft pick when there are only 32 starting positions in this league.
  2. Long Snapper - See #2
    Kicker - See #1

Don’t disagree with punter, LS, K. You can get them in FA or at worst a very low draft pick.

As for QB, even the greatest teams in the league draft QBs when they have Hall of Fame starters. For some reason our fan base likes to live on the edge where if Stafford gets hurt or plays like crap, we have no other options. Pretty careless/reckless way of thinking.

Again, think about it. The Pats had Brady for 20 years. The best QB of all time. They still had guys like Cassell, Brissett and Jimmy G in their system. While we were trotting out trash like Dan O and Jeff Driskell. Even if you think you have a serviceable QB (and based on Stafford breaking his gosh damn back the past 2 seasons, who knows) you should still draft a QB every 2-3 years.

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that’s why I’m cautiously looking at Cole McDonald Hawaii as a late-round backup type.

3,875 to 4,135 yards he actually threw for and 80 TD’s. He’s 6’3 200.

Case cookus is my guy late 7th/UEFA type

If I am a GM I draft players with the intention of them all being starters. I realize that is impossible for all of them, but that’s why you draft certain positions later in the draft. I’m never drafting a QB after round 2 (save me the Brady lottery, once in a lifetime thing). Taking a QB in the later rounds today, is basically throwing it in the garbage, when you could have gotten a CB2 for instance.

5th-7th rounds are for Kickers, punters, defensive backs, slot WRs, TEs and interior lineman. The first 4 rounds are for your skilled positions and difference makers like DE, OT, etc.

Taking a TE in the top 10 is criminal. Taking a QB in the 5th is a waste. Taking a CB in the top 5 is stupid. Not every pick will work out, but you can for sure make mistakes in your philosophy, and BQ has made a ton.

not a waste if that QB pays off …um cough Brady. who says a first -rounder is automatically going to be a elite star in the NFL, but a late round player will never be? The draft is full of possibilities in every round…this is why they don’t have just rounds 1-3 and it’s done.

lately we have had a flurry of players we thought were sure going to do something, but they didn’t and from all the different positions of the game…there are always exceptions.

For those that don’t agree using a pick on a punter. Are you saying you wouldn’t want one of the best punters in college football? (if you can get one of the best)

That’s the difference between 43+ avg. vs close to 50 per. And has a high % rate to get inside 20 vs touchbacks. I just don’t get some thinking.

I guess my question would be, do you want the typical Lions ST play, or a better chance of improving ST play? We didn’t do well with the last draft pick on a punter. I get that. No trust in BQ, I get that too. Just because 3 girlfriends cheated on ya, doesn’t mean the 4th one will!!


Im not sure if you didnt notice who was qb on team after Stafford was injured last yr.His replacement should be on the radar.

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So the Pats are smart for having a 3rd rounder (Brissett) and a 7th rounder (Cassel), and don’t forget Hoyer (UDFA), but teams are stupid for drafting a QB after round 2? Garropolo was a 2nd rounder at least, but the second-to-last pick of the 2nd round. If he’d gone two picks later, would that have made it a stupid pick too?

Find QBs wherever you can find them. The Pats know what they want and they scout well, and it allows them to hit on lower round picks (though they miss too… Ryan Mallett). Stidham might be another, it sure looks like he’s gonna get a chance to start this year.


Point is, they already had the best of all time and still drafted numerous QBs. We drafted Rudock and Moore in 12 years and never tried to develop anyone else, like we were scared of challenging Stafford.

always the possibility the morons couldn’t set a real QB behind Stafford, couldn’t figure it out or didn’t want to…I mean look how damn long it has taken just to get one RB worth a bent dick here since 1989 and Barry, look how long it takes these idiots to construct a good defense AND KEEP IT.

these aren’t your smartest , best possible people in leadership roles…it’s leftovers of thee WCF or newer Martha -passed wannabe’s leading this football team.

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Gannon, Hasselbeck, Rypien, Theismann, Bart Starr, Staubach, Wilson, Prescott, Brady
The Porn King Minshew
All drafted after round 2

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Bart Freaking Starr LMAO you killing me Sleats , wow wayback machine ! :rofl:

We’ve drafted 7 in 20 years. Kaya, Stanton, Orlovsky, and Harrington.
Seems like I’m forgetting someone?
We’re due, though.

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I hear you but the guy was a 5x NFL Champ and 2x Super Bowl champ
Good in any era

RB- shelf life to small
WR- don’t “need” one in this exact moment
TE- cause it’s dumb or something. And we just got one
T-If he busts, you’re out to much value, cause they all end up RT’s
OG- cause they’re not worth it. They literally do nothing
C- see OG
DT- Suh was a unicorn. You’ll never see the likes again. And if he’s good, he won’t sign an extension anyways. And how many SB’s did we win with him?
DE- to much money wrapped up in the position. Besides, our DE are run stuffers. You don’t draft run stuffers.
LB- not enough impact. And our history of taking LB’s sucks.
CB- take to long to develop. First year liability to defense. Plus, they literally grow on trees.
S- something something value

… I need a drink…

So K, LS, and P for you it is!

Don’t forget FB! You know, the Lions have never won a championship without some quality fullback play.

Rudock & McMahon

Make that 8.