Why wouldn't you see what Darrell Bevell can do as head coach for the rest of the year at this point?

If there’s still somebody out there who can’t see Matt Patricia thoroughly sucks, I just don’t know what to say.

Bevell is on the only one on the coaching staff demonstrating any competence. Why not give him a tryout? You know, like the Lions should have done with Teryl Austin but weren’t imaginative enough to?

This will never happen, because Quinn now has to save his own failing ass. He needs to turn the steaming pile of dung that is Matt Patricia into a winning coach, or they’re both out of here. Quinn dumping Patricia and getting to hire another coach – after so spectacularly botching the job with Patricia – would be the most Lions thing ever.

And before some of you embarrass yourselves, I’ll trot them out for you:
B-b-but injuries!
Muh Stafford!
Muh lead in every game!
Refs screwed us in Green Bay!
We’re close… we’re close.
Pretty sad what this fan base has devolved to.


His game management skills and use of timeouts is enough to show he is in over his head. Never mind taking 2 steps back as a team and being completely out coached every week. They will sell Stafford getting injured to Martha to buy another year.

What I saw today, was some dudes getting tried at different positions. I felt like we were being honest about the fact that we’re using this time to see what we do/don’t have. Seems like we are seeing who can do what, so we can see what we need to do next offseason.

KR, PR, some people seeing increased action outside of their normal duties, etc.

Agnew is gone. He isn’t that good at CB, and hasn’t been the same, since his injury.

Ty is a bubble player, at best. He will have to beat some ppl out, just to make the roster. Bo will be back, and a solid contributor. McKissick is a good utility guy that can back up KR/PR, if need be, as well as scat back.

Saw a depth player going in on OL (can’t even remember the dude’s name). They are trying people in spot duty to see what they can count on them for. Don’t put a ton of stock in MP’s performance, or lack thereof for the rest of the season, as it means little more than the preseason did. We read some 4 man fronts, and ran some blitzes from different places, today.

I believe they want to win, but think this is more part of the rebuild, than the “hot seat”-type situation that most think it is. MP isn’t going anywhere this year, or next. There was a thread awhile back that had some great insights about how the fans were sort of mislead about how long they thought this thing should take to rebuild.

I can’t see the future, and I dont’ know what will happen. I do have enough vision to know that these dudes are not even close to being on the hot seat. We will make a nice jump, next offseason. How nice? Dunno.

I’m hoping the biggest upgrade next offseason is the new DC. I guarantee the spent salary cap money will cause a nice jump. Probably use the money that we would have spent on Slay, as well as the 20 million that we have in the piggybank. Possibly Daniels money. There will be a TON of movement, in going after FAs next year.


I was think the same thing NB, I noticed Killebrew was brought in on the 3rd down for the first series when we got that sack fumble.

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There is no downside to it. We won’t be winning anything, this year. One or two wins in the right/wrong column doesn’t mean much. Yes - try to win. Yes - coach them up as much as you can, but more importantly, see who belongs on teh roster next year, and who does not. I think that’s what they’re up to. Martha knows it. Patricia knows it. Quinn knows it. Nobody can admit it to the media, because we’ll be accused of tanking.

I hope Hand and Bryant can get out there, so we can see what they can do. That would be a huge question mark answered, going into the offseason. Right now, it looks like LDE is the biggest need…but it could actually be a position of both strength AND depth. Such a massive swing in what needs to be done in the offseason.

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“Mrs. Ford, I know this Snake Oil tastes like shit; and I know you feel less healthy than you did before you started taking it. But this special formula takes time before its full effects can be felt. Another year, maybe two, and you’ll be AMAZED!”

“What’s that, Mrs. Ford? A loss to the Redskins? Who had lost nine games in a row at home? Excuse me, Mrs. Ford? Another loss (or blown win) to a rookie QB playing in his third or fewer game? Well yes, but … Injuries! Stafford’s out! What’s that, Mrs. Ford? We were losing when Stafford was in there? Well, yes, but … did I mention the Snake Oil takes awhile to take full effect?”

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Holy crap you have quite the imagination.

The Refs did screw us in Green Bay!


Really? You requested perspectives and BN gave you his honest opinion and that’s your response?


That is some Weasel approved imagery

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Mike Lombardi is the guy that said back in August that Stafford’s back wasn’t fully healed and he also said that Patricia and Quinn think they are on the hot seat.

He’s been wrong a ton but he called out Stafford’s back injury and he does have Patriot ties.

Unless Martha dies in the next 4 months I think they get one more year

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Really? That’s your response to my response?

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I get where these dudes are coming from. Really tough to tell any Lions fan to be patient and have faith.

We need some friggin’ momentum, so the law of attraction doesn’t screw us for eternity. If you believe in LOA, worry and fear is no different than praying for something to go wrong. Lions fans are bad enough, but the entire nation expects us to lose and talks shit too. Makes it tough. I feel like Patricia and Quinn are tough enough to ignore the noise from fans and skeptics, but our skeptic tank is HUGE and the stinkiest one ever created, filled with the most shit. We could change the name of The Den to The Skeptic Tank, and it would more often than not be more fitting.

That said, I don’t blame or judge anyone for having the opinions and ideas they do, it’s been a long 6 decades since these dudes have won anything meaningful.

On the upside, law of averages says we are due for a Patriot-type run of glory! LOL

I mean this when I say…I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, next year.

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