Why wouldn't you shut down Stafford?

If your franchise QB has (checks notes) BROKEN BONES IN HIS BACK, and there’s nothing to play for this season, why wouldn’t they shut him down?

Why isn’t he IR’d already?

To sell tickets at Ford Field?

I’m genuinely curious. I want to know the argument for continuing this fucking charade. They’re going to get Stafford killed.

Shut it down. Get a top pick. Tantalize us for another half season.


If he can play, he should be out there playing. That’s my take.

OK, but the devil is in the details.

If the needle helps him survive a game, does that mean he “can play”?

Or do we do what we should clearly have done last season, and rested him, instead of jeopardizing his career for zero reason?


If he can play, play him. He has to suffer like the rest of us.

Many valuable perspectives here. My take, is if he’s cleared by the docs, he should play.

Some questions though:

Is this injury related to last years? Lions say no, but I have my doubts.

Will this be a chronic condition? Sure hope not, but the Back is nothing to be taken lightly.

I just hope he can heal up and not have it be a problem in 2020 and beyond. The whole situation just sucks.


Not how this works …


My only logical conclusion?

The staff knows they’ll win more games with Stafford. They know their jobs are on the line.

8-8 might allow them to keep their jobs.

5-11 might cause them all to lose their jobs.

When faced with this outcome, I’m sure Bob and Matt are trying to get Stafford in the games.


I’m not sure what all IS going on with his back, I know backs are kind of tricky you can have pinched nerves, bone splinters, slipped discs, crushed discs, spine might be out of alignment , back might be out of whack, could be fractures, torn muscles…who knows?

IF the DR’s clear him, he should play but if they are THAT worried Matt should go to the ER and get his back and hip looked at and dealt with NOW and just let Driskel finish the season.

I don’t get the sense that anyone’s job is on the line. I think they’re be back, no matter what happens the rest of the season.

Hopefully a new DC that can make as big an impact as Bevell has.

I initially thought the same until I heard this:

I’ve been under the assumption that the Quinn/Patricia duo would have at LEAST 3 years (this being their 2nd) to show they are capable of being winners. The Michael Lombardi speculation is the one and only reason I think that a 5-11 record might result in them being removed.

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If the team quits or goes into the tank and we don’t appear to be building towards something, you have to let Patricia go. A 5 win season would require having only 2 more wins over the next 7 games. I said this before, but that’s going to hurt like hell no matter how you slice it. Either we would need to lose to a bad Redskins, Bucs and/or Broncos team…or we would beat them and finish a disgraceful 0-6 in the division…getting swept by every team in the NFC North.

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Thank you for finding this, I couldn’t remember the exact podcast to listen to it again.

He predicted Stafford’s back not 100% then he magically misses the 1st game in 9 years.

He was 100% right


My understanding is that it’s a pain management thing:

The main consensus from doctors online is that Stafford most likely suffered a “transverse process fracture.” Here’s former Cargers team doctor David J. Chao explaining what that means for his short and long-term status:

By video, consistent with transverse process fracture. No long term or spinal cord worries but a short term painful injury. Note how tough MatthewStafford is to finish game and even practice some this week.

"No long term or spinal cord worries" relieves my mind about that, so if he can stand it then he’s paid to play and he should do so IF cleared by the medical staff. Easy for me to say, I’ve got back pain issues myself but probably not nearly as bad as what he’s dealing with.

The link has an excellent write-up about the injuries suffered by Lions players on Sunday.

So do you believe it’s a completely new and unrelated injury to what he suffered last season?

If so, that’s a hell of a coincidence, and quite frankly unbelievable to me. We heard during preseason that he was still feeling the effects of the injury. This has to be the same one.

So if it is the same injury, then how could something that’s still lingering from last season be considered short term?


What’s the worse that could happen? The Colts didn’t let injuries keep Luck off the field, and he retired right before the season began!

Oh. That’s what could happen.


Actually Luck being off the field in 2017 is what ultimately led to him retiring in 2019. He said that was the first time he really sat back and rethought about his life and his priorities, and had he played in 2017 he would have just kept plugging along as he was before.

Sometimes the gossip at church is refreshing compared to what I read here?!

You all are guessing, assuming and heck even hoping you are right to claim your two seconds of fame ok…

MP just brought in Beve and it’s working even our BUQB was not that bad yesterday. They aren’t going anywhere…

Figure out the defense and we are a contender imho…

Matt will or will not play this next week… I will support my team regardless and instead of gossiping about it all… I will pray he is ok long term… the team goes on with or without him… sucks but also not really …

He pulls an early retirement God bless him and his family… he plays, God bless him to stay healthy and win!

Wes, I tried to quote you but ran into technical difficulties.

Luck had to sit out a year because the Colts made him play through a shoulder that needed surgery. The result was a much longer and more difficult rehab after a season of messing up his mechanics to try and compensate for his injured shoulder. If Stafford sat out next year because the Lions turned a minor back injury into a career-threatening injury, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to retire. How much is he going to enjoy a year off of surgeries and rehab, knowing that it only got that bad because he played through the injury?

Heres why: Broken bones in the back can mean a bunch of different things. Im assuming he chipped the transverse processes of a couple vertebrae. This is not life or career threatening. It likely sounds a lot worse than it is. Lets allow the docs to do their jobs and see how it plays out

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