Wildcard Weekend thread


Ha ha ha ha ha! DOINK!


That ending was amazing.


Our defensive co-MVPs, upright and crossbar, take the Bears down.


Gotta love the doink


To be fair, that would have been a tough catch w/ the safety hitting him like that. Also, they didn’t need that one because Ebron already caught a TD.


Lions have the same chance of winning the Super Bowl (this year) as the Bears do. Plus it didn’t cost the Lions draft picks for our QB, or draft picks to acquire a DE from the Raiders.
I like it.


He had a pretty good game.


No, the Bears have a much better chance the next year or two, then they’ll be in cap hell and have to pick and choose who they’re going to pay.


Maybe, but mainly I was talking about this year.



Suppose they find cheap replacements for expensive players?

Suppose the market for QB pay goes down?


He nearly threw a terrible pick 6, lofting up a floater late in the play to a covered receiver. I posted my comment after he had another one go off the hands of an Eagle. He did have a bunch of yards. Chicago’s offense kept stalling and settling for field goals, however.


Not awful for a 2nd year QB. 300+ yds, over 60% completion.

And he only costs 3.7% of the cap.


Good for Tate! I’m happy for him.


I don’t know much about that Chicago kicker. Has he missed some key kicks this year?


The Bears have to keep Fangio. If he gets a head coaching job I think that Bears defense, while still good, would take a step back. They were also +12 in TO margin and created 36 TOS this year. Not sure they replicate that next year. We’ll see. They’ve definitely got some incredibly defensive talent. Their offensive talent doesn’t wow me but Nagy is a talented offensive mind so they’ll probably always be at least a threat. The north is likely to be tough these next few years.


Denver is going to interview him. That would be a good landing spot.


I’m assuming this is sarcasm, but in case it isn’t, he hit the goalpost 4 times against us, in one game. And then he hit the goalpost in week 17 against the Vikings. And of course, the double-doink yesterday…


The Eagles are saying one of their players got a hand on the ball. It doesn’t look clear on the replay, but even a minor deflection would have done it.


Not sarcasm. I did not remember what game that happened in and how many times. We had a few opposing kickers hit the goal posts this year.
I did not watch the week 17 game.


No worries. But yeah, that poor guy has had some incredibly bad luck w/ goalposts this year.