Will Lions be in the birdseat for Kylar Murray for the rest of the league?


I predict he will help his stock at the combine and end up going Top 10.

I wonder if Kingsbury would be willing to trade down for him.

Either way, I wonder if our spot will become especially valuable after the combine.


Here’s hoping. Word is, Quin would love to trade down and get a couple more picks.


Yeah, i’m hoping he blows up the combine, problem is though, if he’s valued as a top ten talent, he’s probably gone @ #7 to the Jags.


I’ll be just as happy with Greedy or Ferrel.


I believe when all is said and done, Haskins and Murray will go before the Lions pick at 8


Probably, with how many teams are desperate for a quarterback. Don’t be surprised to see someone trade ahead of us to get one before another team trades up.


Yes, I had been hoping that Denver would trade up with us until the Flaco signing.


Good news! Assuming OT Williams also goes, that means a top 5 defender will be queued up at pick 8.


I think 3 QBs will go before our pick. Murray will go #1 to zona. Haskins to Oakland. Then whomever Jax loves. Throw in the OT and bosa as gone… That takes two guys off. We should have great choices or great opportunity to trade back


Just curious, what does Arizona do with Josh Rosen?


Probably ends up in New England somehow and ends up quarterbacking them to 15 more championships, as Android Belichick 2.0 takes over.


Robo-chick will not be denied!

Really though, Arizona is nuts if they give up on Rosen that quickly. Try upgrading the dogshit team around him first.


Start him?


Murray is an unreal talent. It’s easy to dismiss him as a midget with tiny hands, but his skills as a passer + his incredible athleticism is something you cannot ignore. I’d be tempted to draft him if he fell to 8 but I have a feeling he’s going to go top 5 easy and maybe even #1 overall.


Kyler will be a failure at the next level, he’s a one read and throw/run player. He’s not accurate, he’s a great athlete who is fast and elusive, but he is not an NFL QB. He’s a 2nd or 3rd round talent, but his measurables should knock him down further (he may be 5’8), but he’ll get over drafted due to the hype.


That’s how I see it too. The Madden NFL gamers will be raving about him. NFL scouts will be more realistic.
I would not be surprised if he falls out of the top 10.


100% smoke and mirrors, guaranteed.
Translated, we are willing to trade down if any of the top 3 quarterbacks are left.


I hope Murray is there at #8… And that a team that wants him badly pays us a king’s ransom to trade up.


Detmer and McCoy come to mind.


He may not want to play for just any team. The A’s have him a 5 million contract to play baseball. He can pay it back but he could use the threat of leaving for baseball to force a trade if he’s selected by say…the Detroit Lions