Will Lions Draft a RB

I don’t think we draft a RB until at least rd five .

I think Lions like who they have an likely will add one or two later in draft.

Wes Hills… Kerryon Johnson… Ty Johnson… J.D. McKissic… Bo Scarbrough… Tra Carson… Nick Bawden (FB)

This is what they have an sure could add couple late in draft or a FA But I don’t think they are looking at one early. Did you see what Henry is talking about as a FA huge money

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If Dobbins or Taylor are there in the 3rd round I’d love it.


Always have to adjust if player slips. Its possible one of those could be there top of 3 then IMO Lions have to look but still maybe there is WR there that helps more?

But yes always need to adjust , but I doubt it will be in early rds if they do.

That is one awful group of RB’s.
Hopefully we’ll trade back with Miami and get some extra picks and get Dobbins in round 2.


Agreed. That is a Bottom 8 running backroom, maybe Bottom 5.

Dobbins and Taylor will be gone in Rd 2, and they damn well better draft one of them, assuming Swift is off the board ahead of them.

Seriously, start looking at running attacks and tell me who is worse.

NFC East. All 4 better than us.
NFC West. All 4 better than us
NFC Central. All 3 better.
NFC South. Tampa worse, maybe.

AFC West All 4 better
AFC South Houston worse, Jax maybe Indy equal
AFC North Maybe Pitt or Cinci worse
AFC East-Miami worse, Pats equal.

RB is a screaming screaming need

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I think a real RB is huge need, everyone we have is more of a #2 or 3 type RB. The only one I really like is Scrabough, I want Jonathan Taylor in the worst way. Runs with power and speed. Taylor and Scarbough they could ware out some defenses.

I just don’t see the big need for drafting an RB, I’d say pick up an FA guy like we did with Scarborough. I’d rather see our draft go defense early and often: DT, DE, LB, CB, plus they gotta draft an OT cuz I don’t see Decker or Wagner here in 2021. And I hope to hell they can keep Glasgow here.

It doesn’t sound like they want Gasglow for some reason.

Gotta be money, maybe Glasgow wants top dollar that the Lions don’t want to pay.

I’m in the camp that’d be fine with taking a RB as early as R2
None of these guys are wowing anyone
KJ is looking like he will sustain injury every year
Ty Johnson has so far been a dud and I don’t recall many RBs being late bloomers
Scarborough was fun to watch but he’s got an injury history as well I believe
Mckissic is another fun one to watch but has limited use
We haven’t had a top notch back in forever
I think Bevell will be pushing for higher round RB

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I don’t get why they don’t unless he is asking for like way over the top money

Jonathan Taylor is another back that would help us

I think Kerryon’s injuries have made a lot of you forget how good he can be. For a six week stretch in his rookie season, I thought he was a top 10 back. He’s got the sheer talent to be very good. But yes, the injuries are an issue. We can’t have him as our only guy for sure, but I fully believe he’s a #1 guy.

KJ has lasted about 100 carries each of his first two years. Until he proves he can stay healthy, he can’t be counted on to stay healthy and should be considered a fragile back that can’t carry the load.


I want a home run threat back there. If that happens to be on day three then so be it. Taylor or Dobbins in round two is my preference.

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Eh, free agency I would take Howard. He’s 25, the Bears blew it when they let him go and then traded to get a lesser version in Montgomery. Yes, he was injured last year but he averaged 4.4 ypc when he played. Nose for the end zone and tough to bring down. Take Darrynton Evans in the 5th, 2nd round is too hi considering our other needs this draft.

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If we get a game-changer in the third, I’ll be ecstatic…of course, I’m hoping for extra picks in a TD scenario. I don’t view Kerryon as reliable, and would love some homer speed. McKissick is okay for a tricky guy, and he’s a decent addition to the team, but not reliable for an impact in every game.

Im all about brining in some new speed. I would love to see us get faster on both sides of the ball.

like to get ahold of Derrick Henry in FA for our RB group .

Drake! I feel like he’d be a great fit for us.

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Derrick Henry wants better than 6 years $90 Million or real value better than $50 Million guaranteed…

I’d say that’s out of the question and not something Quinn is doing.

Willing to bet anyone here I know $100.00… Dobbins ,Swift, Taylor will all be gone by our pick in the third round. All three are first round talents . I can see Dobbins and Swift being gone by our 2nd round pick .

KJ has the talent to be our #1 RB , he has shown that durability is an issue. The supporting cast in JD and Bo is decent but I want neither to be our #1RB at any point …
This team needs the talent of a #1 RB talent in the mix in order to carry the load of #1RB duties if and when KJ goes down or because they are better than KJ .

I think we do draft a RB in the top 3 rounds if the position is not addressed in FA

The only FA RB’s I like for us …are Melvin Gordon, Matt Breida (RFA who I can’t see SF matching any offer on ) and Kenyan Drake in that order

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