Will the Lions draft Special Teams? Let’s talk options

I think the Lions will be looking to add some ST talent in this draft if the opportunity arises. We could draft some help or target it as UDFA. However let’s look at areas we could target and what our options might be.

We need a Punter. - We have Matt Wile and Jack Fox. Wile has been bouncing around the league for years and he does have a 45yrd average. But he’s never been able to stick anywhere. Fox was an UDFA last year. Personally I think both are here as insurance in case we fail to find a better option. Could we look to the draft?

I could see us taking a player like B. Mann. He averaged 49 yards a punt. Or a punter like Sterling Hofrichter who can do kick offs, and back up Prater.

KR-PR seemed to be a priority for the Lions pre-draft last year. We met with several but never really grabbed one on draft day. I think the Lions are looking for a player to take over for our inconsistent KR Agnew. Or at least someone to push him.

Joe Reed is one player I think the Lions will strongly consider. A top level return guy who can play slot WR and be a 3rd down back. A Swiss Army type of player.

Lynn Bowden is another Swiss army type that I think we could target. Some felt he should have been in the Heisman talks. He began the 2019 season as Kentucky’s top wide receiver but finished it as the team’s starting quarterback with over 1,400 rushing yards, 403 passing, and 348 receiving yards. (In only 8 starts) In his last two games he ran for a combined 517 yards. He has over 1900 career return yards and avg 22.9 yards a return.

I also think we could target a WR type who is a returner like Jalen Reagor, Brandon Aiyuk or KJ Hamler.

Another sleeper possibility is Isaiah Rodgers, 5-10, and only 170lbs. He Played CB and KR. He’s a little small to be an NFL cornerback, but led he led the NCAA with 1,295 kickoff return yards in 2019.

Who do you like?

Do you think the Lions could draft ST?

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Darnell Mooney is a guy who starting to get hyped a lot, he’s basically KJ Hamler but with better hands and a worse helmet on his head. He’d make for a great return man. Blazed a 4.38 at the combine.

I almost expect them to use a 6th-rounder on Mann. Dude is a weapon.

Quinn is smarter than you. He will be available and we will smartly draft him with our fourth round pick.

What about a FB. The Lions seem to want to use one but barely gave any naps to Bawden. Are they not all that impressed with Bawden? Could they possibly look to upgrade?

I was looking at the RB’s the Lions did visits with.

DeeJay Dallas, Rico Dowdle, and Zack Moss who are all strong power runner types.

They also brought in D. Evans, JK Dobbins, and D. Swift which are al more shiftier RB types.

However It appears the Lions are looking two RB’s. A power back and an all purpose back.

A.J. Dillon is a guy who makes sense. He played FB and RB and runs with power.

Kelton Moore is another FB/RB type. I think there’s a strong possibility the Lions could add someone like this. Especially in the later rounds.

Yep, I like Dowdie a lot. I can see Moss or Akers. Dillon, I think is a guy like the Bus. Reminds me somewhat of Bettis.Even like the Evans guy.

Unless it’s drafting the best punter or kicker in the 6th or 7th round, I don’t subscribe to drafting for special teams.

Special teams can be filled with guys you may have missed on that can’t quite hack it as a starter on offense and defense. Guys like Ty Johnson, Agnew, Killebrew, Tavai, Davis, Fulgham, Bawden, etc.

Bawden was a Quinn pick. Maybe the injury was bad. Whatever the case, he stuck his ass to the bench for some reason.

Mule is signed so I don’t know why anyone is talking long snapper. From a punter, never fall in love with ave length, fall in love with fair catches, hang time and how many were downed inside the 20 vs a touchback. Agnew averaged 9.2 per punt return, close to the top. He averaged 26.7 per kick return, good for 3rd best in the league. Not sure but I think he was the only return man to have a TD from a punt AND a kick return last season. They have brought in a bunch of coverage guys, so it appears that there should be some improvement in that area. Win the field position game and a FG kicker with range can be the difference, and we have that too. Interesting improvements and I’m all in on letting Martin walk.

We need a punter. They are weapons in the NFL game.

I have a Mann-crush. Throw a late rounder at him.