Will you continue to drink the kool-aid, if?

The Lions have a good draft? Subjective question… Systematic draft… GIVE ME A LONG BALLER : BQ MP got this !!

The Lions win 9 games 2020? Stafford has a demanding year of the offense, D holds it own. GIVE ME A SHOT. BQ MP got lucky!!

One last thing: Random Thoughts
I’ve been watching some NFL games and noticed which Qb’s had demand of their huddle or 2 minute offense. And Outside LB play during similar situations. Baltimore vs Cleveland AFC Championship game, and some San Fran games.

Mayfield could not hold a candle to Stafford;s 2 minute command. Period.

Mosley LB makes a great play to finish the game.
Jjimmy garoppolo command of his huddle.

John Harbaugh 12 years with Baltimore.

Stafford 11 years as a Lion.

Lions make improvements to ST, and start to do a lot of the small things better.
Noticeable difference in team morale with new DC & a healthy #9

Much that I don’t want to add until after the draft.

I feel our roster is an approximate “push” not counting the draft (same level of talent and depth, as last year. Whatever we draft = upgrades.

Biggest difference maker we could draft
-Playmaker on the DL
-Home Run hitting RB
-OT/OG (Big V can slide inside, if need be) This would give us the ability to run behind the right side of the OL - nice run blocking form C, RG, RT

I feel like merely adding Matt back in, in conjunction with a little luck with health, we are already an 8-9 win team.

Whatever we add in the draft will help.

I really want a great RB that makes ppl pay. Right now, we have 2 serviceable NFL players, which is an upgrade from most years, but weak. I really like Kerryon, but damn is he slow …and injured. I really like rooting for good people, and we really do have a lot of quality human beings in our locker room. I think Flowers is so much more valuable than most of you guys do. When he has some help and is not the primary focus of the D, he’ll be better too. Dude is SO strong. Controlling grown ass men (300+ lb men), with one hand. He sets the edge incredibly well. People act like he is supposed to be a sack specialist.

Yes, our D was shitty last year, but one thing we did incredibly well was set the edge. You could count on one hand how many times we lost contain, last year…especially to QBs.

I’m on the Kool-Aid train. I’m probably the most optimistic (in your eyes)/realistic (in my eyes), of all of you guys. LOL

their are three ways I’m drinking the Kool-Aid bro. ONE I see a noticeable uptick in pass rush and defense overall.

TWO We actually aquire Chase Young.

THREE We get a game-changing RB in Taylor or Dobbins AND they play all season long.

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Good answer BigNatty. However if I can ADD.

The draft will tell for me: If they grab Isaiah Simmons, High Ceiling Guy, or even D BROWN and get an equal CB CJ HENDERSON OR JAYLON JOHNNSON. if there is a trade down. OR RUGGS III. THEY WON;T DRAFT DIGGS because his last name is DIGGS.Ha. PLAYMAKERS PLEASE!!

A road grading Guard somewhere , and decent RB somewhere, . DT, S, LB , CB, WR where ever… and a Punter is Defense so get a good one please!!! We have been spoiled with Sam Martin.

We can draft a QB next year or the year after I believe. TUA is way to risky for my liking and Herbert, NOT SOLD. Okudah is an ESPN PICK


The lions have this opportunity to have it done “their way”. SO I AM WAITING LIKE YA’LL

Lion fans want PlayMakers to EXECUTE . Period, end of TALK… For Me:


I stopped watching the games after the Green Bay debacle. Turns out it was a great decision as I had a great Fall of nice weather Sundays playing disc golf in western MI.

What exactly would cause people to stop drinking the kool-aid if they are still on board after last season, both league BS and how terrible the team was from management to coaching to players?

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I was so ticked after that game, I deleted everything sports-related on Twitter and didn’t even watch highlights after that.