With the 7th Overall Pick in the 2021 Draft, the Detroit Lions select

Kyle Pitts, TE, University of Florida

Kiper - I just love this kid. He creates mismatches all over the field, needs some work on his blocking, but you’re looking at more of a Shannon Sharpe type of Tight End. I think he’s a bit of a reach here at 7, but obviously Detroit saw a Tight End they like here, and they weren’t going to let him get away.

What’s your reaction to this selection?

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I wouldn’t hate it. I feel like we need to go defense though.

You want another TE?

Is this a serious question?

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I’m simply presenting a scenario and seeing the immediate reaction of the focus group.

Of course, I have a predisposed idea as to what the reaction will be, hence the meme.

My reaction is it would be the shortest GM tenure ever

Lol probably not gonna happen. He is an amazing receiver. He kinda reminds me of Calvin Johnson. If we did draft him, let him play receiver and use his blocking skills on the outside.

He will be good in the NFL. Book it.

Urban Meyer is already on record saying this:

Curious to see the kids combine.

Our pick will probably be Rousseau. Does that excite you?

What are the chances the Bengals pick him at 5 if Sewell and Chase are already off the board

How could Urban Meyer have said that about Pitts? Did Pitts play at Ohio State?

I think that, in a vacuum of the reality of the situation, one could make an argument for this pick.

He is a match-up nightmare. Minus Amendola, or another slot receiver, he could be a legitimate answer that provides a unique offensive wrinkle.

There have been other offenses employed with two TE sets. There’s never been one employed that invested so much draft capital into the position though.

Forcing DE’s and Edge rushers out wider, or exposing them to getting swallowed up. Could have a positive impact on pass protection and running lanes.

TE’s don’t make as much as WR’s. Helps the salary cap and makes them easier to tag/retain.

There are some on the board advocating making the offense the strength of the team. This could be the avenue to do just that.

Again, just seeing how this plays with the focus group.

Good point.

Golladay, Pitts, Hock, Marvin Jones and Swift. We running or passing? Sounds scary.

Unfortunately we cant take another TE that high.

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Oh, I read it wrong, I thought it said “he” had the best non QB player.

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I’m sorry, but is there a rule that says we can’t?

Think about it :thinking:

Yeah I guess we are the Lions. Anything could happen.

I’ve seen most people saying he will play WR at the next level.

Classification is a pretty big deal. Top 10 average salary for WR is 20.3 million. For TE is 9.985. I can see why he’d want to have the WR Classification

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I think Pitts’s range is anywhere from 6-20, it’s hard to tell with TEs. But athletic mismatches like Fant and OJ Howard both went 20 so it wouldn’t shock me to see Pitts go around there.

Charlie Kolar in the 4th if he’s still there. And he doesn’t need any work on his blocking.

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He is supposed to run sub 4.5. If he runs a low .4 or high .3 hes a lock for the top 5. What a monster.