With Warren surging

We’re talking about a guy who doctored a weather map with a sharpie so he wouldn’t have to admit he was wrong. I have no clue on earth why you believe anything the man says. They really don’t need help making Trump look bad. He does it all by himself quite well.

And again, when reading the transcript, what words, sentences, or paragraphs are an impeachable offense? I am not convinced. Exactly like I wasn’t convinced during White Water. I was right then and I think I am correct now.

These candidates make Hillary 2016 look formidable. Elizabeth Warren? She’s a full blown socialist. I refuse to believe that we’ve lost America that badly where a full blown socialist can win a Presidential election. She might do well in polls today because she’s not Trump. But when voters really get to know her policies, they’re going to look at her likes she’s from outer space.

If Bernie backs out, I wonder if she’ll come more towards the center. She’s going to absorb all of his voters bc, currently, their policies are very close. I don’t see the general going in her favor, she’s only favored by 2 points against Trump and the media have been pushing her for months. Wait until she has some shade thrown her way, then we’ll see what her numbers are.

Warren has and absolutely does lie about her resume. Making it an issue won’t work. That has already been accepted as ok. You can’t just put that back in the box.

Warren is working to put populist Trump, and if I were him I would be worried about it. In 2016 he was able to flip the script and make Hillary Clinton our to be the corporatist. He can’t do that with Warren. Whatever people think of Warren’s policy proposals, many far too left for me, she has support and a following for them.

Warren’s populist appeal is that she is everything Trump claimed to be on domestic policy. She really will “drain the swamp” if she gets a chance, and that scares the shit out of corporate America. She really is into middle class policies, higher wages, better benefits, less inequality, etc. and she won’t come at it from a, “hob-nobbing with corporate leaders like they a buddies” angle. They are not going to like her. They will go to war with her, almost certainly. But she ain’t doing shit without Congress. So if I were her, I’d be campaigning on that fact so she can get something done.

There is no evidence against Schiff of any wrongdoing. The deflections by the administration are nothing more than a bunch of cowards pointing their fingers outward. To defend Trump at this point is unconscionable.

Except his initial lying about what transpired. Other wise, it’s all good.

Adam Schiff Makes Up His Own Transcript Of Call Between Trump And Ukraine President

Adam Schiff Makes Up His Own Transcript Of Call Between Trump And Ukraine President

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Cool so we’re LITERALLY posting Russian propaganda here now.

The channel is registered as a “foreign agent” with the United States Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). A 2017 report by the United States Intelligence Community characterized RT as “The Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet” and said that RT America had been set up as an autonomous nonprofit organization to avoid FARA’s registration requirement.[3][4] The impact of RT America on the US public has been questioned.[5]

It beats the pants of CNN. They have news on there once in a while.

Yeah…well…I’m sure you can find something better to counter CNNs viewpoint than falling for Russian propaganda.

I looked for the counter to CNN but I can’t find a website that has article after article that says “Orange Man Good. No impeach.”

“Attack the source” is the first move of those that have no interest in having a conversation. Some sources absolutely need to be challenged, if they can’t be verified with alternate sources often enough. But when someone constantly blows off many different sources to avoid a real conversation? It is what it is.

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That was actually a good read and had many salient points with references.

lol, I’m glad you guys like Russian state propaganda.

Pardon me, if I won’t click the link. I have my limits as an American.

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Proper way to do it is to have someone else do it for you, a third party.

It is absolutely no different than CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, or HuffPo.
Same coin, different sides.

Criticism is one thing, but you’re deluding yourself if you really think that.