Wk 7 Playoff Prob

Lions are a sucky, weird 2-2-1 to enter week 7 of the season. Losing in week 5, that took us a big step backwards, they go into Week 7 needing, not wanting to, to beat Minny at home on Sunday.

Currently, they are at a 26% probability to make the playoffs. Week 2 is was 65%. And, last Monday is was 43% chance in making the cut so we have to keep winning! We dropped 29% points since week 2……
• If we win against Minny, it goes up to 31%
• If we lose, it goes to 17% with a 14% point swing?!

As the whole league sits today, if we win 8 of the 11 remaining games (73%), we go 10-5-1 and will have a 73% chance of making the playoffs. Before the shitstrom in GB, we were at 83% to make it and no help needed. Now, we must have other teams currently ahead of us to lose more than us; we now
need help to cinch any spot.

That is why I was saying this last game we a must win.

To go another way, due to this last loss to GB, if we even go 12-3-1 (only a single loss the rest of the way) we are at 99% to make it but with help only. We cant make it on our own without going
undefeated the rest of the way….

We only go 9-6-1 and we fail.

We are currently projected to end the season at 8-7-1 so we have to beat the odds now as well as the refs and other teams to lose imo.

We sit as the projected 11th overall (NFC) and have to jump Hawks, Minny, Bears, Panthers, and Eagles to get a WC birth. This is projected not realtime standing.

We must win and win a lot now and have other team fail as well.

Even if we go 3-0 the next few games, if the current seeds match that nothing changes… this GB loss was fluking huge.


Thanks Abject.

It was very important the Lions get that Loss and GB the big Win, as you just showed. Sad.

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Being totally egotistical- maybe the refs read my shit last week and decided dam?! We need to drop some flags on this one!

We’re about to go on a huge run. We beat Minnesota in a nail biter and don’t lose again until we go into Minneapolis

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The Lions lose Sunday, they can kiss any chance of playoffs goodbye. Green Bay and Minnesota’s last 8 game on their schedule is not brutal as it may have looked at the start of the season.

The potential for a big run is there. I’m not sure this team is really ready to beat every team it “should” beat. It’s like we’re watching Patricia’s team transitioning in learning how to win together. If we can finish above .500 and keep Patricia around, I think next year we’ll see some serious strides in this program.

As long as we stay healthy we’re definitely finishing above .500

We really need to go a minimum of three wins in a row for me. We go 5-2-1. With 8 left, we still need to go 5-3 after that.

Looking at various senarios, we could go with ten wins and not make it…

Ugh, I hate living in the pat… bad mojo for a recovering alcoholic, but this GB game may have already cost us.

We will see!

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I think most would agree that the GM and head coach have things turned in the right direction. Players and scheme are working together.

Even so, what makes anyone think we will 9 or 10 out of the next 11 games?

Thats what its going to take to get into the playoffs. And since Lions are already 0-1 in division that means probably need go 5-0 for the rest of the division games.

Thats some serious Kool-aid.

First things firsts - beat minny

I still believe week 17 is for the division and #3 seed. Whether we are a win behind, tied, or 1 up on GB… this game will be all the marbles. Isn’t it after all the most logical wwe move and ratings getter?