Wojo - Chase Young will be there at 3. And Quinntricia won't take him

On his show on 97.1 The Ticket last night, Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski said Mel Kiper is right; Tua is probably going 2nd, either to the Redskins or someone trading up. And Chase Young will indeed be available when the Lions pick.

And they won’t take him.

“I don’t endorse this move at all, but they are not taking Chase Young at 3,” Wojo said.

"He’s a great player and is probably going to be a star. But perhaps a primadonna star. Perhaps a ‘take some plays off’ star. Perhaps a, ‘Great upside, but some holes in his game’ star. Perhaps a, ‘Loves the spotlight, but doesn’t love the game as much necessarily’ star.

“We’ve heard how he wouldn’t necessarily be a fit for their scheme – which I think is stupid; of course you want a pass-rusher.”

It was also noted later that Quinn and Patricia recently have gotten rid of, or sought to get rid of, all outspoken players with personality.

“They want football players; they don’t want stars,” Wojo said, concluding, “Start to prepare yourself, and gird your loins, for Derrick Brown.”

To which Kyle Bogey said, “It makes total and complete sense that the Lions would go with a boring fit instead of a potential star. But in all honesty, just shut this franchise down. If they stay at 3 and they don’t get Chase Young and he’s available? Just cease to exist as a franchise. What are we even doing?”

I’m there with Bogey, in that scenario, I’d either be outta here, or even moreso than I am now just hate-following the Lions.

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I think he’s full of it. In fact I think part of BQs game is trying to encourage Miami to blow WAS’s mind with a trade offer so that Young slides to 3.

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I’d be happy with he or Brown if they’re the top 2 DL available.


I’m with you, fizz! We trade down and get extra dudes that have more impact than one guy. D.Brown plus a nice starting DE, and a game-breaking RB. Way more impact than just Young.

As long as it works, I don’t care what they do. No matter what, you won’t see me blow a gasket in the offseason. LOL.
Watch us get Chase young at 5, and ppl still bitch.

I’m prepared for the worst—with the Lions, that’s pretty easy to do.


I’ve been saying this, for a couple weeks!!!

Don’t assume QuinnTricia would take Young!!

They’re “The Smartest Guys In The Room”


Just sports-talk jibberish. Besides, Okudah is the one checking all the Quinntricia boxes.


It really is a scary thought. Young is NOT a Quinticia player by any means. He’s loud, conceded and a soloist. 31 other teams don’t give a shit, but we’re talking Detroit. Brown is everything Young is not. So Wojo makes a lot of scary sense. Love Brown, but not over a demon like Young.

This place will explode!!!


I have a feeling that Wojo is probably right, Quinn will do his best to screw this pick up.
You just know it’s going to happen.
However this pick can be screwed-up, Quinn will find a way to do it…he’s a f-ing moron.

And I’m in no way saying we need to take Chase Young.


One things fans don’t have direct access to is a players personality and attitude. I thinkj Chase Young would be a fine fit here and the Lions show us they value DL players with their signing of Trey Flowers. I don’t think scheme is an issue as many on this board believe Chase simply slots in Okwara’s snaps. Okwara was a 50-60+% of all defensive snaps in 2019 for the Lions. That is easy to see.

BUT…If the Lions feel Chase is more Clowney versus JJ Watt…then I get passing. That means OVERRATED and I understand that.

JJ Watt had 74 sacks in his first five seasons with the Texans. Clowney had 29 and Clowney has 32 career sacks. Now, Clowney is still a fine player, gets pressure and is a beast but being the #1 OA player one has to see Clowney as a bit underwhelming in light of Watt’s total domination right?

If the Lions believe Derrick Brown is a harder worker and more focused kid who will be a better professional football player that is why they get paid high dollars to make those tough calls.

I think the player we should all be considering when thinking about Derrick Brown is Richard Seymour. Seymour is very close to the same size as Brown and Seymour had 9.5 sacks in his college carfeer at Georgia in 25 starts in 41 games played.

If the Lions don’t see JJ Watt in Chase Young but they do see Richard Seymour in Derrick Brown I think that choice is clear. In his first five NFL seasons Seymour had 25 sacks while Clowney had 29 and Clowney played opposite Watt in some of those seasons (Watt was also injured during some of that stretch to be fair and accurate).

If one sees our defense with Trey Flowers, D. Hand, Derrick Brown, Kennard/Austin Bryant, Okwara and I am guessing at least one more free agent DT I get what the Lions are looking for and I am fine with passing Chase Young IF the Lions feel he takes off plays and is a numbers guy versus lobe of the game guy.

I think the Lions will tip their strategy in free agency if the go hard after CBs (with or without Slay) and if they only sign one free agent DT OR if they make no serious defensive tackle moves pre-draft. That would say it all to me. Derrick and Hand would be our top defensive tackles in that case.


Everyone in the Ohio State program swears by Chase as a person. Is he cocky? I would imagine so. He’s been a world class athlete all of his life. But from everything I read he will be a positive locker room presence, work very hard, be dependable and never embarrass you off the field. That seems like an MP/BQ guy to me.


Pass on Chase Young? DE is arguably the most important position on defense.

This is the most nonsense I’ve heard since most of the local media (and fans) wanted to draft Aaron Curry over Stafford. smh

FYI: Brown has never played a 2 gap system in college. He’d be playing the snacks role for DET. Remember how A’shawn Robinson hated playing NT and sucked at it?

Suh had the same amount of sacks his senior year that Brown did in 4 years of college. He’s NOT a sack master and is more of a run stopping animal (like snacks) and a bit more disruptive collapsing the pocket.


I have thought since day 1 Young might not be the target at all. To me, Okudah is a bigger draw to the Lions and what they value. Guess we will find out on draft night.

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I don’t think it is. Your thinking like a rational, person. Most NFL GM’s would run to the podium. Not BQ/MP c

I’ve made this exact point several times now. I’m not sold BQ/MP would draft Young. I’d say the chance is less than 50/50 with them. I don’t think MP has the ability or the personality to deal with type A personalities. He continues to ship them out. First Tate, then Diggs and next is Slay. He wants players that just shut up and do their job.

Look at our drafts since MP has gotten here. No type A personalities drafted. Not a single one signed in FA … None.

I think good experienced coaches can handle all personality types. MP can’t. In NE he had BB to step in when players with strong personalities got out of line. In NE players knew better too.

Okudah is actually more MP’s type. He loves playing. He’s a bit of a fun loving guy.

I’ve also made this statement many times…, My fear remains to be that Young drops to us, BQ/MP have very good trade down options but we stay put at #3 and draft Okudah. All because we fell in love with him and we’re worried the NYG would take him if they traded down.

If Young is there at #3 then the Lions should pick him unless they get a good TD offer, such as Miami’s #6 and #26 picks. Cuz then you can still get one of Okudah, Brown, or Simmons and then get another good 1st round talent. And then another almost 1st round talent at #35.

I think he’s what they want too, but I hope it’s Brown in a TD scenario.

Let’s be honest, this place will explode no matter what - people would complain here if Patricia invented a cure for cancer, Quinn stopped the Corona virus, Martha established world peace, and we won 8 SB in a row.

I’ve read tons of your posts over the years and you typically are never this down on somebody. I don’t trust Quinn much anymore, I’m certainly frustrated…so I get what you’re saying, but you seem down a different level than what I’ve seen before.

It got me to thinking. You’ve mentioned having some inside contact with the Lions that has given you some insight of what’s going on inside the Lions organization.

Other than your extensive football knowledge that judges Quinn from your own POV…

Are your concerns about Quinn also coming from that source?

I will admit I was one of them. Stafford’s rather pedestrian first half against MSU in the bowl game concerned me, plus Mayock said Curry was the “safest player in the draft.” Of course, he wasn’t.

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If Quinn do that for the third straight year not taking the best player , I will have a name for him for his pattern

The joker?