Wolf here, reason I've been MIA and quiet

First I’ve taken a bit of a forced break from the Den and haven’t said much due to a family members’ current and serious legal problems , I have to babysit a 3-year old toddler my grand daughter and she is quite active, AND “mainly” like every year at this time, it’s early enough where I don’t have all my things gathered to seriously make (Mocks) or proclamations on who I like and or who I hope the Lions draft…I usually get into it more , around March…maybe late Febuary ….I can throw out some impromptu mocks.

The other thing keeping me busier at the moment, is this weather system dumping snow , and I have to shovel decks , walkways, and part of our driveway.


Glad to hear you’re doing OK, Wolf!

Thank you Snags ! I’m still kicking but have to portion my time here for awhile.

Life first Cub, handle business ,we’ll leave the light on :wink:


Prayers for all your burdens before to be lifted…!

I’m fighting the courts myself… stressful as you know what - but for me, I lean into and trust God.

Peace brother!


Sorry to hear of your woes Cub. Wish you the best.

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You got this bro. Grandkiddo time is awesome. Silver linings, man.

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Good to see you. Sorry about the hardships.
Enjoy the grandkid time. I don’t get to see mine nearly enough.

I hear that. Sucks mine live five states away…

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Mine are only 250 miles, but, the work schedules of my kids and their spouses.

Look forward to your full participation when you can, Wolf. In the meantime, take care of you and yours.

Me and the oldest eating Thai food last week. Papa reppin’ the gear.


I have that same jacket, wease. Good times.

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thank you all !! very cool.

Take care of the family first Wolf… the Lions/NFL are always and will be a diversion, hopefully a positive diversion before I’m looking a the wrong side of the grass! :slight_smile:

Whaddup, Wolf??