World map of where poster live -bring it back!

I used to love looking at that map to see where we all were in the world…

loved it and wish we could have it back!



Any idea what the website was?

I remember when we all did that. Can’t remember the site though. Might have been something with Google maps where you Create your own map and then can share the link with everyone.

I might dig into it this evening. See if I can find something.

It was pretty cool when we were all able to pin our current location on this shared map.

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It definitely does ring a bell, vaguely.

Was this the site?

I think so. If not, it was exactly like it.

I dropped my pin, although I used my work location rather than my home. For obvious reasons.

Can someone else clink that link and see my pin drop? (Washington State, just south of Seattle)

OKLion…are you really in Okimawa? Now that I typed that, I guess it makes sense. I was relating OK to Oklahoma, not Okinawa. But now I see that Okinawa obviously makes sense to your name.

Yep. My profile picture is actually the Okinawan flag. :slight_smile:

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Now we just need someone to pin this thread and start getting folks to pin their locations on the map.

We should use Red pins for posters, and maybe Blue pins for all the football stadiums or something. Definitely need a pin for Ford Field.

I’m going to do a new map without the starting location being where I’m at in Allendale, Mich.

The mods can pin it at the top if they want.

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You guys are freaking awesome!! :boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom:

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Me and another member as so close it looks like a single pin location until you zoom in

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Cohabitation at it finest :upside_down_face:

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great idea, admittedly I had forgot all about this…always thought it was cool, so great job !

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