Would we feel differently about Stafford if

Do you guys think we’d feel differently or look at Stafford differently if he were a 5th round pick. Totally hypothetical but I was just thinking if this team would have moved-on by now if Stafford was some late round pick?

I almost kind-of think they would have moved-on by now.

The lions have had some bad teams. When stafford has had some help, we’ve had a really good offense and gone to the playoffs. But only once in his career have we actually had a playoff level roster. (2014). No, we would not have gotten rid of the best QB in franchise history.

It is a team game. Our organization has failed to construct a good team year after year. And I’m not saying we need all pros every where. But the elite teams do. The chiefs have 4 all pros outside of mahomes on offense. The Seahawks have a great run game and locket, metcalf, etc. During the brady runs he’s had tons of amazing players like gronk, welker, moss, elite defenses… etc The teams that challenge for Superbowls don’t do it on QB play alone. They kick ass with talent. The lions let down stafford. Not the other way around.


If he were a 5th round draft pick he wouldn’t be the starting QB for the Lions anymore.

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even when we had talent , our bufoon leaders got rid of playmakers or disassembled a top of the league defense, the pissed off our top talent

what I wait for is a credible DEFENSE…you can’t have that one time in your career and do well.

No! Not as a 5th rd pick making the same stupid mistakes. Obviously, if he was a 5th, we would have cut ties long time ago

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If he was a fifth round pick I would say we got the steal in the history of 5th round picks. Only people with limited ability to see what is actually going on with this team are dense enough to blame this on Stafford. It is the lowest hanging fruit of ignorance.


Gotta love it when guys pick another user name to come on here and insult people who do not believe that Stafford is the greatest of all time.
Dense and ignorant are dead give aways…
Lionpile= Junior Lions.

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Who is blames this all on Stafford?
It’s just time to move on.

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Lionpiles has been my one and only name on this board. Dense and ignorant? Okaaay. I guess my 42 years of watching the Lions religiously as well as many other games every week doesn’t really qualify me to make any judgement calls on the team. Please tell me your undense and unignorant qualifications. I’ll wait with baited breath.

Stop saying greatest of all time you flat out lie saying this because no one has said this except you . When you are trying so desperately to bash Stafford. Some just think this team has worse problems then the QB, but when guys like you over look everything other then Stafford. Well that when everyone thinks your full of shit. Because anyone that thinks Stafford is the biggest problem just is watching. And thats why guys like you and barry sanders have to turn every topic in to a bash Stafford post trying so desperately to get someone to believe your BS . And then you guys come up with every one thinks hes the greatest of all time bs witch no one has said. Just lies you and barry make up .

Yeah thats what you guys said about Caldwell, just time to move on. And now look. And when the fans base runs off Stafford we can finley get back to same ole Lions and a run at 0-16 again. But that’s what’s been going on for years, fans complain, media writes about it, and the ford’s do it, then fans bash them and everyone else when it doesn’t work out. Then of course they new it all the time. Thats the thing ole man ford learned along time go Lions fans don’t need to win they just need change every few years and it keeps the seats full. While they pound there chest about being right.

Idiocy, he is an elite QB talent with every intangible you would want in a QB. Stop blaming the QB for the incompetence around him.

So, you were happy with Caldwell’s results?..you wanted to keep him at that time?

And Lionspile has been around for years , another thing you made up trying to be right.

Yes until you got a better option but yeah he had half the team Patricia has and guys played hard he need better oc

Yeah, I don’t know if keeping JBC was Caldwell’s decision or not…but yeah, I agree that JBC wasn’t helping.

welcome back Lionspiles…been a while since I’ve seem you.

Think head coaches have to be people that lead and people want to play hard for.

And me if I’m moving on from Stafford I want better not just the next option. Like we did with the coach. We didn’t move on from caldwell because we had a better option we moved on to Appease fans.

The statistical numbers are what they are. I know many just want to focus on W’s and hardware and there is some truth to that. But Stafford’s critics want to compare him with all time greats and because he isn’t Brady or Rodgers they act like we are stupid not to ditch him and go get the next Brady or Rodgers like you can just go do that. You CAN’T. QB has not been our problem. It’s been either defense or running game or both at the same time more often than not. It’s been terrible penalties again and again and again. That gives Rodgers the Hail Mary win where the Stafford led offense had them freaking BEAT. The refs stole our playoff win in Dallas. We got Drew Brees in his prime and our defense could not get to him at all. So no if he is a 5th round pick with the most yards and TD’s of any QB since he was drafted, we would not have moved on from him. But yes there would still be many who call all those stats garbage time stats and blame all the losses on him, not where it belongs.

Is he Brady or Rodgers or Brees? No, but neither are tons of NFL franchise QB’s. You don’t move on from a franchise QB because his isn’t a GOAT level QB. Especially when your defense and running games over his tenure have been WAY, WAY below his level when comparing him to other QB’s. People act like other franchise QB’s don’t make bad throws ever. They do, every single game and multiple times a game. They make bad decisions every game multiple times a game. That is why it’s a team freaking sport. People pretend that most franchise QB’s carry terrible teams and that is just straight rubbish. The GOATs can but it’s also rare that they have to. Because other teams are just freaking smarter than our staffs over the years have been. Who drafts THREE 1st round TE’s?? Who? Imagine if Ebron was Aaron Donald!