Would we feel differently about Stafford if

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I’m not bashing Stafford! I’m calling him out. As the highest paid and face of the franchise, you have to be better. For you to wait until 2017 to work with a QB coach, tells me how much you care. Now, your footwork is a problem. When is Stafford going to look in the mirror and say I’m playing terrible? Or, it starts with me. This come with the territory of being the Lions franchise QB.

Oh, I get it, I do.
And I don’t think it’s 1st round Tight Ends as much as drafting them in the top 10. It’s not unheard-of to draft a Tight end in the first round, its drafting them in the top 10 that’s unforgivable.
It’s embarrassing and shows that the Lions GM’s don’t understand “draft value”, it’s the same with drafting a CB with the 3rd overall pick, good teams just don’t do that.

how is HE playing “terrible” having played 4 damn games , 1017 yards 60.6% completion , 8 TD’s in 2020 …so far.

The Swift drop cost him more yards and another TD …I’m not sure who else didn’t score when given the ball…but I don’t see terrible play, has he made mistakes?? yep, like most NFL QB’s have this season and every other. Is Justin Herbert TERRIBLE?? because right now Stafford is outplaying him.


I can assure you that they are NOT the same poster.

How is Stafford outplaying Justin Herbert?

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did you read this article?

I don’t think draft position matters. It used to, when Stafford was drafted, but now it really doesn’t. It also doesn’t matter, because he’s not on a rookie contract any more.

In other words, if he was still on a rookie contract and this was back before the rookie contracts had caps, his performance value as a 5th round pick would have been fantastic. His value as a very expensive first round pick was just good.

Now, however, a 5th round pick on a rookie contract really doesn’t make that much less than a first round pick, at least in the grand scheme of things, so the value proposition for a 5th rounder vs a 1st rounder isn’t that big of a deal.

And since he’s not on his rookie contract any more, his draft position 10 years ago is completely irrelevant. Now it’s question of how he’s playing relative to his contract. He’s got a upper middle-of-the-pack contact, and right now he’s playing as a middle-of-the-pack QB, maybe upper middle of the pack. He’s not stinking it up, but he’s not lighting the world on fire either. His value is just… average.

The answer to the OP is no. I will give you a name as proof. Tony Romo.
Probably the best UDFA find ever. Very talented QB. Also known as a choker who couldn’t win the big games and made awful plays at the worst possible time. There were many fans in Dallas who loved what the way the guy played and how he carried himself, and he was a for sure bargain, he was also a guy who wasn’t taking Dallas any further.

I misspoke, was wrong , Herbert has 178 more yards and 1 TD more than Stafford…

but Matt isn’t playing Terribly.

Then there was the long TD to Jones I think that got called back due to penalty. That one would have helped YPC, air yards and TD’s. I guess if not the hold, then no TD, but IIRC it seemed like he would have had it anyway. Not sure.

I’m sure just about every QB has had a TD called-back because of a penalty by now.

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Stafford has contributed to the Lions losing. Often times, an untimely fumble or interception happens because of his intermittent fundamentals. "

When Stafford plays poorly OR makes mistakes?? I will GLADLY agree that he had or did, and I will give him hell for that to.

When Stafford makes good plays or eye-opening ones?? I will GLADLY give him credit and praise for that as well.
That is this is the definition of how I feel about Matt Stafford.