Would you do this trade

The Miami Dolphins trade picks No. 5, 39, 56 and Houston’s 2021 second-round pick.

Detroit trades No. 3 overall.

5. Lions Jeffrey Okudah CB, Ohio State Only other player by draft time i would consider over the CB is Javon Kinlaw


I would love that scenario

YES, with no hesitation. That would be 3 number 2’s in 2020 right, and 2 in 2021? That’s a shot at 7 (2020 number 5 and 2021 first rd pick) high end impact players in the first two rounds. I’m taking that offer.


I did one of the make your pick drafts an this is what i got for first 3 rounds .

pick 5 Jeffrey Okudah CB
pick 35 Curtis Weaver Edge
pick 39 Brandon Aiyuk WR
Pick 56 Trey Adams OT
Pick 67 Bradlee Anne Edge


Yes please!

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3 = 2,200

5 = 1,700
39 = 510
56 = 340
So 2,550 or 350 in our favor plus the loose equivalent of a late 3rd (lose a rd for a year later pick) at 150 points. 500 points our favor or a high 2nd rounder. Which is a lot to give up in value if you are Miami, but if they love a QB and have to stay ahead of LAC, then worse trades have been made!

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Yes. Okudah isn’t my first choice, but at least it’s not a TE. Much rather take him at 5 than 3.



LOL - yes!
OkuDuh isn’t my pick either, but if they can build the DL through FA, I’m good with it.

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“ According to a popular draft trade value guide, the Jets got a pick worth 2,200 points and gave up picks worth 3,100 points. The minus-900 difference was comparable to what the Rams gave to the Titans for the No. 1 pick in 2016 to take Jared Goff. It was more than what the Eagles paid that same year to the Browns for the No. 2 to select Carson Wentz. And it was far less than what the Redskins sent to the Rams for the No. 2 in 2012 to get Robert Griffin.”

So +900 points is the ideal return of a team is in love with a player. This deal is more like +500. So we win the deal by an extra high 2nd round pick. I’ll take it even if it’s not quite the home fun that past deals were.

I like the trade but IMO that’s too high for Weaver.

In a heart beat.

I like the trade, it’s pretty much what I would expect. As for the draft, I believe the Lions will put a priority on health and durability, thereby eliminating Adams. Haven’t seen enough research on aiyuk, but I like the idea of a 2nd round receiver. I think weaver and Anae are duplicates of one another and if you could get Anae into 3rd and were set on a rusher I’d gravitate toward a Jack LB, Klavon Chaisson or Josh Uche in the second.

5 Brown
35 Chaisson
39 Aiyuk. Or slot WR Reagor
56 Isaiah Wilson RT or an OG
67 Anae.

While I like Okudah, I’d rather see Detroit signa CB in FA if they don’t feel oruwariye is ready. I’d look to Logan Ryan or Eli Apple and go trenches with Brown at 5.

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Do most people that think trade down is viable assume that teams think the Lions would draft a QB? Because I don’t see a position player that would be worthy of a trade up in this draft.

I just don’t think other GMs are that stupid. If you see any one trading down it is going to be NY Giants, not the Lions. I just don’t see it.

Agreed. Whether they like a guy or love a guy, I’m happy to move out of 3 as long as we don’t have to take a massive tumble down the board. That won’t happen IMHO because future picks to Quinn is like giving up his ability to win games in his “mandate” year, and just handing them to his successor (potentially). I think trades we make this draft, will have immediate compensation via pick or player.

It’s not about what we will do. Say your Miami and just know we won’t take a QB and they are probably right. But we also don’t want to spend a 3 on a guy who isn’t worth the pick, or there are a group of guys after Burrow and Young that have similar value. So Miami being smart wants Tua and stands pat. We trade with LAC and they jump in front of them to take Tua. Then the Giants trade out and someone trades up for that spot and takes Herbert. Suddenly the “non-idiot” GM for Miami who took a chance knowing that neither the Lions, nor Giants were going to take a QB, just missed out on all three top 10 QB’s and now are looking at the scraps to build their team around. What just happened in this example, was the GM of Miami, sitting on multiple extra picks poised to make a move for “their guy,” was an idiot for standing pat.

I’m with you. I’d take the deal but I think we can get even more.

to trade down 2 picks HELL YA!

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I don’t want to spend a top 40 pick on a WR unless someone like Shenault slides down. I think Aiyuk will be a nice pro but the quality of players at that position at 67 or even 106 is going to surprise people.

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Funny thing is, I would take quite a bit less than that as we would probably take Jeff Okudah at 3 anyways. Feels like getting free draft picks. The thing people arent talking about is if we trade with Miami at #3 (and they take Tua), there will be another bidding war for teams wanting to get ahead of the Chargers at 6 for the next QB.

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