Would you do this?

What if Miami offered 18th , 26th. 39th and a first next year . Would you do this ? I would .

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I think I would too. 3 1s and a high 2…sign me up.

I think it’s a win win . Miami gets to keep its high pick and gain ours . And we can clean up !!

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I don’t know. The Lions would end up with two average players and two guys out of the league in 2 to 3 years. To do a trade like this requires the GM and HC to be good at evaluating talent.
Even guys like Quinn and Patricia should be able to find a really great player at #3. The further down the list you get, you worst chance of even a good GM hitting on a pick, let alone fools like Quinn and Patricia.
In order for it to be a success the Lions would need to hit on 3 of those picks or it really wouldn’t be a very good deal.
Of course, Quinn will probably screw it up either way, so I guess it probably is a moot point.

You are probably right . He has done awful with the bottom half of the first round . But I think with that may picks you have to hit on a couple !!

I would. I wouldn’t necessarily want Quinn to do it.

If it were a swap of first rounders this season and a 1st and 2nd from next year, I would do it as long as I were sure Quinn and Patricia would be fired. Obviously, those clowns aren’t going to want to do it, but giving a (hopefully competent) new GM those picks might help a lot.

Look at it this way, Quinn would actually pick the players late in the first round where they should be picked instead of taking them at 3 or 5

I probably would but there is no way BQ would. The reason that I’d be for it is that as a result we’d likely have two top 10-12 picks under hopefully a better regime next year.

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The worst case is quinn trades down to #8 or 9 and picks up another early round 2nd or late 1st. You know he is going to draft another irrelevant reach of a player just like last year at 8.

Assuming CY is off the board, I’d do it

I would just so the new regime next year has a second shot for TLAW. Zero faith in BQ!

I just think it is a interesting scenario that haven’t heard come up . I would be all about this .

I would do it. But I think the more likely scenario is San Diego is our trade partner. :man_shrugging:t2:

In a mock I did i had us trading with Miami getting both 1sts and both 2nds. They get 2 top 5. Lions end up having 7 top 100 selections

In the simulator we ended up with kinlaw/epeneza in round 1

I still think Miami wants Tua and will go what they need to in order to get him. IMO that means moving up to #2.

I would do it as long as I were guaranteed that we pick the top guy on Mel Kiper’s board at each pick we get from Miami. :lying_face: