Would you Give Bradberry this deal? I like Slay deal

Bradberry is targeting a deal in the range of the five-year, $76.5 million contract ($46 million guaranteed)

I have wanted Bradberry since list of FA came out.

I would look seriously at this kind of deal For Slay

Slay cap this season is $13,368,750 now we have no idea what the tag would be for 2021 but in 2019 was about $16,000,000 Now with new deal we don’t know but imagine Lions have very good idea . So lets say it is $18,000,000 That would be like Slay signing a guaranteed 2 year deal for roughly $31,000,000 mil maybe even more.

The point is Slay’s bad in locker room that we couldn’t give him a 3 year deal counting 2020 guaranteed say $40,million over 3 years.

Remember $13 million is already in Cap for this year. We could draft Okudah without or likely with small trade down. Starting 3 CB’s would be Slay Coleman an Okudan an would give us couple years to find replacement for Slay these 3 would be starters set for 2 years certain an maybe 3.

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I certainly think that would be nasty, having those 3. If slay stayed healthy, you replace the weak link in your D with a very strong piece. I also think Coleman is grossly underrated here. That Defensive backfield would be great.

I’d rather achieve the same phenomenon on the DL and work it that way, but this could also be very fun to watch, provided they didn’t have to cover for 15 seconds at a time. As long as opposing QBs are going through their check-downs 2 and 3 times, it doesn’t even matter who is back there. I’m in the “build the trenches first” camp.

I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m just a fan that played in high school and coached for 4 years. LOL. They, and many of you, know better than I do.

The point is this type of deal wouldn’t take anything out of this years Cap maybe 3 million an we could then spend on a couple of DLman an a OG .

I just don’t see trading Slay when you have him for another year why create a hole when you don’t have a replacement.

Even with a small trade down we add couple more likely higher picks an still Likely have are pick of top DT or CB . I think NY goes the OT

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I think Slay will be back. I might be the only one on the board who thinks he will…lol


You’re not alone. I think he’s back, too. I think people misread Slay all the time.


I think he’ll be back as well withand I favor finishing a position group by drafting Okudah in a trade down.


I do as well , I have made the same argument as coyote here …you have to pay to play …I have seen no step lost in Slay, he is a top corner …The cap is increasing, sign him to a 4 year deal with an out after 3 and pay the man his worth .


Slay is definitely not a bad dude. He’s fun and quirky like a lot of CB’s.

Once Quinn starts to shop CB’s on the market it will be an easy choice to bring him back. Slay has already been talking to Okudah and Okudah loves Slay. He’ll be the perfect mentor if they draft him.

Prince Amukamara is a guy I would love to get a hold of …Keeping Slay should be a priority but if they do trade him and if the plan is Okudah in the draft , Prince is guy I have coveted since his draft and wanted him opposite Slay when he became a free agent after the Giants …He was solid, not spectacular in Chicago but he stayed healthy and held his own quite well …

Love it!

The future replacement may already on the roster with Amani Oruwariye.


Not sure want to base it on him would need another year to decide I think. So if your saying Slays replacement then maybe an let him walk after 2020 season Oruwariye an Okudah an Coleman as 3 starters It may work

Can Okudah = Slay?
OhMyYourWorried has a much higher ceiling than Melvin
Coleman is my dude I hope he continues as is, because if he is surrounded by more talent, I think he’s not just a decent DB, but a playmaker.

The thing with Slay that 99% of players either don’t get or at least don’t say, is he understands it’s a business. Many people interpret that wrong. I love the guy. I want him here. I don’t think he will be tho cuz I just think quintricia feels they are too smart and can make good with a lesser player and money. Which imo they CAN’T

I’ve actually been hearing a lot on this subject. I’m told that Slay really does want to come back but it looks like the Lions aren’t willing to pay him. Or so far they haven’t showed much interest to do so.

Exactly - He wants to stay a Lion but he knows he has to get the money while he can. The money is more important than staying a Lion. I can’t blame him for that. Problem is that (I’m told) BQ hasn’t made much effort to get a deal done.

How is Slay bad in the locker room? Slay is respected in the locker room by his teammates. Our defense sucked and our scheme was predictable being pissed about that doesn’t make him bad in the locker room. I would rather he cares then just collecting a check.

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Trading Slay for Okudah is a net loss for the Lions. If Patricia and Quinn have to win this year, they are not going to let Slay go. Everything you hear is negotiating spin. He will be back in Detroit and the Lions will take an impact defender in the first. This is a FA & draft that would make the Lions Defense formidable:

FA - DT Reader/Suh/McCoy, ER Fowler/Dupree

Lions TD to Miami #5, #39 + #70

  1. CB Okudah
  2. S Winfield
  3. LB Murray
  4. RB Dobbins/Helaire
  5. OT Adams
  6. WR Peoples-Jones/Johnson

This gives the Lions a top 3 secondary, adding a top DT, ER, LB and Hand to the front 7. The Offense adds help at OT, RB, WR to a group that was good enough already to beat most anybody with just an average defense.

Who said trading Slay and drafting Okudah was a gain ? Letting Slay go is not ideal , I get that …you need two to tango , two to want it . If Slay wont resign or refuses to show for camps or his demands end up ridiculous you trade him and move on and get people in here that want to be here .

I could certainly argue the Lions are a better team with a Happy Slay , signing another vet in Amukumara and drafting Brown if winning in 2020 is the idea . Drafting Winfield or a Safety at #2 is not ideal with the investment we have in at the position already & not when we really have no clue what Harris can be yet . I would never draft Winfield over Delpit , never… as Winfield has been often injured, and is an under sized prospect to start with . Dobbins and Helaire will both be gone by #65 and #70 as well .

Right. I think Slay sees some of the top corners contracts (X. Rhdes, J. Norman, Trumaine Johnson, Kyle Fuller) and if you look at his body of work he is right there with them. They are averaging around 4 years/60M, and I think he is thinking he is worth at least that. The problem is that when you factor in that he’s 29, not 27 not 28 - like when they signed those contracts, Quinn seeks the discount, and Slay won’t go for it. Minimum I could see him signing for is three years 45M. I’d be happy with that, but I bet Slay would not be. Since Bradbury’s 26, you would have to give him 4 years/60M, but I’d rather have Slay for 15M a year (3 years) rather than Bradbury 15M a year for four. Bradbury may tackle better, but he can’t cover like Slay.