Would you give up what the Bears did for Mack for Von Miller?

Going off of the Khalil Mack thread, say the Broncos decide to blow it up and start over from scratch. Would you give up what the Bears did for Khalil Mack to the Broncos for Von? I know Von is older than what Mack was at that time and his salary is probably different. We’d probably have to extend him too, but we would still have guys like Okudah and Hockenson here and this would be Von fitting into our current team, not Mack two years ago.

I don’t think its apples to apples. The Bears got a 27 year old Khalil Mack with hopes of getting his best years out of him. We’d be getting a 31 year old Von Miller with his best years most likely behind him. I would certainly trade for him, but I don’t think you give up what the Bears did for a guy on his last legs unless he’s the final piece of a puzzle.


Also, one thing to clarify. I picked Von Miller because he and Khalil are both pass rushing LBs and are very similar players imo, and I would’ve picked Chandler Jones, but I don’t ever see the Cardinals trading him.

I know it seems like I’m getting nit picky here, but Chandler Jones is 30 and will turn 31 immediately after the season is over.

But going back to your point, I would absolutely make a trade for a Khalil Mack if the age were right. Its just hard for me to justify it over a certain age. It feels too much like the Pat Swilling deal at that point.

I would have drafted Simmons.

In my “ideal” draft scenario, I would have traded down a couple spots for a 3rd.

Best case = Simmons + 3rd
Worst case = Simmons would have been taken and we would have still landed Okudah + the 3rd.

My draft would have started

  1. Simmons
  2. Swift
  3. Terrell Lewis
    3b. Neville Gallimore

Obviously would be missing the CB Okudah but would be putting MUCH more pressure on the QB (which makes all our DB’s better).