Would You Pull the Trigger

The Browns are shopping WR Odell Beckham, per @MikeFrancesa

Beckham is the 67th highest graded WR in the NFL since joining the Browns (66.9) pic.twitter.com/zeUiwStlfC

— PFF (@PFF) September 15, 2020

Stafford and Beckham would be amazing to watch.


Food for thought:

Beckham 27
Golladay 26

Golladay will probably make more than Beckham on his new deal.

Pass. I think we’ve seen the best of him and I don’t think he cares about playing good football that much.


Golladay has played way above his expectations and has a great attitude.He has made the loss of Calvin Johnson a lot more acceptable. I’d pay him, he’s like the best thing that Bob Quinn ever did.


They might as well go all-in. Golly/Beckham/Jones/Amendola/Cephus would be pretty formidable lol.

We know they won’t do it, but it’s fun to think about.

This is a move a team like the Seahawks or Patriots would make, and he’d win them games with his play alone. It’s also a move a team like the Lions would never, ever make, and somehow we’d excuse it.


Kinda interesting how a second team is dealing him now.

If we were in a win now mode and the trade cost was reasonable. I’d consider it.

But to make it happen you’d probably need to trade M. Jones too.

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Or the Packers or Vikings…

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I feel like it takes a strong, successful team to take on guys like that. I agree with The Godfather, in that teams like Seattle and NE would take a player like that (reminded me of Randy Moss acquisition, when Nate said it). The thing is, teams like that can get away with those sorts of moves, because what is in place has been there for a decade, or more, and every player on the field can help the new dude get acclimated. The locker rooms are so solid in their ways, that you mess up, or you are an outcast. Here, in a non-winning situation, there can be more resistance.

Plus, did we not make a move like this last week, in bringing AP in?


Not a chance. I would take Allen Robinson though and he might get moved


My thing is both teams never had a QB1. I guess some people like Baker. Not me.

Beckham hasn’t had a QB1 since Manning.

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He’s from Michigan too, brother

Good point

If the Packers get him…

Check out his twitter

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They need him and he’d help to make them a legit contender.

I think A-Aron would Help to keep him in line too.


Lol what… how long has that been there…

We need him, hell not enough healthy WR’s in Bears game !!

No way. The money is better spent elsewhere (defensive line). I sure hope the Packers don’t sign him. They are, as we all know, receiver needy.