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Interesting article by Jamie S today…What really are Matt and Q trying to build and how much pressure are they actually under? Question, would you rather have the Lions go 9-7 and make the wild card, or finish a strong 6-10 with Tua ready to take over?

Well, what’s the end result?

Lions make WC: are we 1n’done or win the SB?

Tua takes over: is he a HoF QB and does MP/BQ stay and do they win a SB?

If we can be somewhat healthy going into the playoffs I’d take that all day.

Remove Tua and insert Herbert & I’m in …
Tua is a ticking time bomb that may never go off or will explode …
I want no part of watching Tua every Sunday wondering if this is the play that has that Hip dislocate again …
Watching the Lions is stressful enough with out adding that variable and I think Herbert will be the best QB in this Draft


If we don’t build the defense, especially after losing Snacks, 6-10 is a pipe dream. Never happen!

Really, get rid of an all time elite QB for a rookie who will never be near what Stafford is - that is a plan?

Unless Quinn scams Martha, if we win 6 games, this staff is swept out the door and the new staff is saddled with a QB they may not like. Circa Mooch/Joey Strawberries.

Playoffs all day.

I hear what your saying and know what you mean-I get it, but what I don’t get , is your “all time elite QB.” comment JR.
I have always said Stafford is a great QB that makes mistakes at times. HE makes them.
He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but when he does it stands out like a sore thumb and then we go through 1.5 to 2 weeks of hammering him about it. BUT you cannot call him an “All Time Elite QB.” He is not. IF Stafford had made a couple Super Bowls, I couldn’t really argue that elite comment. But your not elite unless/until you DO win a bowl or more. I don’t blame Stafford for not ever getting there already, considering the fools that ran this team , and the lack of playmakers the team has had since 09 , and all the damn scheme changes (seems like every other season , there is a different plan/scheme. HC changes, GM changes, who was our last 1,000 yard rusher, Reggie Bush? A defense that was near the top twice in Matt’s career. I’m talking why Stafford wasn’t elite except in 2011.

Last season he was playing some very nice football before he was pulled to take care of his back , I would love to know where he would-have ended up if he had kept playing last season, because I think he would-have had 5,000 yarder or DAMN close and near 30 TD’s.
again Matt is a great QB but he’s never quite reached “elite” level.

The idea that an elite QB is not based on anything other than his talent and skill set is ridiculous . Winning or getting to a SuperBowl has no bearing on being an elite QB …
Matthew Stafford is an Elite QB in this league .
As far as the the point to this thread and me wanting Herbert over Tua , has no bearing on Matthew Stafford being the QB for the Lions , drafting either I would still want Stafford playing out his contract and mentoring Herbert and having a replacement on hand when the time comes for Stafford to move on or retire or because of injury …
Herbert in my opinion is a incredible talent that when molded will be a Franchise QB for years to come .

I think Stafford is a good quarterback, but don’t think he’s elite IMO.

I really though Iggy brought up a great point, I know football is a team sport and all, but how many elite quarterbacks have a losing record in their career? My guess is very few; I wonder why that is.

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Perhaps getting drafted to not just the worst team that year, but literally THE worst team in the history of the NFL, then going through 4 different offensive schemes, then never having both an average rushing attack and an average defense at the same time. Mostly with one or both at bottom of the NFL level. But hey excuses right… :roll_eyes:


Ummmm yes, when it comes to Stafford, you are the KING of excuses, well maybe the Queen next to JR. I’m sure all those other winning quarterbacks had average defenses and an average running game every single season too, right? lol

But hey, how about 2011 amirite?

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Playoffs. A hypothetical situation that pits a playoff option vs. individual accomplishment seems like a pretty easy choice.

What is the Lions record when Stafford has been out vs when he has played. How many QB’s in the history of the NFL were drafted by 0-16 teams - 1

There is two.

C’mon Kelly, did you already forget about Cleveland?

I have come to hate the term elite in this context. To me elite would never be so diluted to be the top 10% so that would mean there would never be more than 2-3 elite QBs in any given year.

Now Matt is a very good qb and a franchise qb and the best Lion qb I have ever seen. He is not without flaws but he is also not elite imo.

That doesn’t make Matt the priority to replace. He is a good qb and you can win with him. But there needs to be a solid team around him.

For those that see Matt as elite, I would love to know how you define the term elite. Because it really is hard to discuss when we have different meanings for the same term.

IF we ever had experienced, knowledgeable leaders with game-winning backgrounds that knew WTF they were supposed to do AND could make their team DO IT everybody would have a much improved view of Stafford and he would have been an elite QB that went to bowls plural by now. But you get the complete opposite followed by questionable owners that either don’t know who to hire or didn’t give a ch^&7 to make sure they had the best front office, GM, and HC . but no, they make money either way so WE get what we have, a bottom level football team the last ten years ! BUT NO It’s GOT to be Matthew Stafford over and over and over again.

Can’t possibly be any other reason the team fails OR it’s an “excuse” :rage:

when posters say it’s Matt Stafford that’s the excuse.

Mayfield hasn’t been around long enough to compare and he is nowhere near the talent of Stafford.

Tank for Trevor!