Would You Trade Slay for T Williams

Both are on last year of contract in 2020

Trents cap hit is $14,500,000

Slay cap hit $13,368,750

We could sign him long term an maybe release Decker an Wagner I would like to Move Williams or Decker to ROT an release Wagner.

I will not guess if this would work i would leave that up to coaches . Can these players move to Right side Williams or Hutch . You would have Crosby as swing OT , Just a Idea If you released both Decker an Wagner your looking at saving around 16 million Slay an Williams caps are close to a push.

Just a idea Try putting a OL together with Williams an Decker an Wagner gone an likely GG with 16 mil to use to fill in Line I think the question is Crosby ready. My idea would be Get Williams an tag GG for a year . then get the ROT an a OG in FA If Crosby is not ready

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Hutch? So would the line look like, Williams, Dahl, Ragnow, GG, Decker?

It could for a year Wagner money saved would cover close to the tag for GG That doesn’t mean you can’t sign a long term OG or OT. You still have Crosby as swing OT Just saying you could get Williams an sign him longer term for same money roughly GG tag could be used if they miss on FA them may want at OG.

We never know how they grade players all as fans is what we find on web sites , but teams have there own way. Look at FA an look at what if they got T Williams at LOT can Decker move would be question or does he go an you get a FA ROT also

If we could manage to get the offensive line to look like that i would consider it. Im not crazy trading one of our biggest defensive assets away but it would be tempting. If we ended up drafting Okudah it would take the sting out a bit though. Who do you mean by Hutch?

U can also go after FA CB Just a Idea are My Bad Hutch I Mean Decker

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I asked about the trade not the draft This happens all the time the topic gets changed so posters can tell us about draft.

based on your plan i take it you wouldn’t trade Slay for Williams.

Lets try stay on topic would you make that trade

Your idea for OL why not make the trade an sign T Williams as the LOT an get Conklin as ROT an use what we would save with Decker an Wagner to either tag or get a OG in FA

No worries. if we picked upi a comparable CB in FA and or draft, Id love it

I would not trade Slay. Because we would have to fill a void that was one of the few defensive pluses. That void being Okudah? Isn’t that basically a wash?

Rather try to get Conklin by offering the moon.

Sorry, I’ll delete it. My apologies. Was just trying to make a quality post about what I’d do instead.

No, I wouldn’t trade for a 32 year old piece of shit.

Oh, that was rude…

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lol, now I’m rude.

I think I’ll just back away from the keyboard and call it a day here. Eesh…

Trent Williams is a piece of shit?

Should have added the wink eye…

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If you let Wagner an Decker walk save [$16,450,000] in Cap

The trade would cost Lions about 2 million for 2020 I would hope they could sign Williams long term The trade would mean no Slay an 2 million cost an save 16.450 million

So we have 14,459 million to replace are ROT an pick up a OG maybe 2 OGs.

I would tag GG for a year an work on a contract Try an sign a ROT maybe Conklin

You’re comfortable making GG the highest paid guard in the league next year?

I think so, absolutely. Dude sat out for the lamest reasons ever while exiting the prime of his career. I don’t want players like that on the Lions at all.


I think Scherff, Peat, Finney, Iupati and a few other guys would likely command more.

Yes, I’m completely comfortable paying Glasgow top 10 guard money this year because in 3-5 years it’ll be a good deal. It’s good to pay players you drafted that have performed well and have stayed healthy. It’s not good to pay guys that sat out a year because their owner (who pays them millions) made them feel bad. He’s a grown man earning millions…not playing because of feelings.

Are we hiring teenage girls or offensive tackles here?

It’s not top 10 guard money, the franchise tag is based on the OL, not the OG position, he’d make over $14 million in one year

Not if you utilize the tag for what it’s intended for…to sign a long term deal.

Imagine if the Lions tagged Warford and then signed him to a long term deal before he played on it. Would that have been a bad call? He just made the pro bowl.

This assumption that once you tag a guy you’re stuck paying that salary doesn’t make sense to me. The purpose is to tag the guy, then hammer out a good deal.

But, we’re digressing here. Let’s stick to whether or not we’d trade Slay for Trent Williams as requested.

Lamest reason being the team doctors didn’t even try to diagnose a problem he was complaining about that ended up being cancer when he got another opinion. It was weeks away from entering his brain by that point. I wouldn’t trust the team either