Would you trade Stafford and 2 first for Joe

Man watching him play last night always makes me think we are a day late and dollar short . Man I wish we had that number one pick . We could start this whole thing over . Would you do this trade ?

Absolutely not, 2 firsts and a franchise QB to move up 2 spots? That’s laughable… I’d consider Stafford and #3 for #1 and #33

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Maybe Im missing something but this kid seems like one of the best prospects in years . I don’t think Cinci would even talk to us unless we gave 2 first .

Joe Burrow is the best college passer of all time.

Easy #1 pick and has a chance to do for Cincinnati what Lebron did for the Cavs.

With all that being said nope. I wouldn’t trade Stafford and 2 1sts.

He’s not better than Luck, he’s on par with Darnold

Sounds a plan. Would be a huge upgrade for our defense that was at historical lows.

How easy we forget that Stafford was on his way to a pro bowl before he got hurt.

On par with Darnold . That is not even close 26 tds and 13 picks his last year in college .

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About 40 years ago, the New Orleans Saints had a very good QB who played on a bunch of very bad teams. His name was Archie Manning, and the guy was better than Terry Bradshaw and most of the his other QB contemporaries. That’s what Burrows would be in Detroit, assuming he becomes a good NFL QB and that is not a given.

So - Replacing Stafford with Burrows and giving up 2 1st round picks to boot would be crazy stupid. This team would most likely wallow in mediocrity at best for at least the next 10 years. NO - the Lions need to build a better overall team first.


I just do not get it …a guy that can not make every NFL throw is not remotely the best passer of all time. A QB who barely throws to a receiver running a vertical route tree because he is limited in what he can do with his arm is not the best passer ever in college football . When Joe Burrow completes an incredible pass with a defender wrapped around his legs it will be the first time . When you say Burrows is the greatest passer you have ever seen and he does not remotely resemble Dan Marino, Rodgers, Favre, Stafford, Warner or Peyton or Archie Manning on any throw he makes…I want to know what your measurement stick is for the evaluation .

Darnold is hands down not even close the more talented passer …his release and wind up still needs work but still not close.


I need to know what making NFL throws has to do with being a good COLLEGE quarterback

I did not say or imply he’s the best quarterback prospect.

Agree. The best college passer I’ve ever seen was Robert Griffin III. His senior year he completed 72.4% passes and wasn’t in a dink and dunk offense.

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Lots of guys can throw the heck out of a football. They don’t have what’s needed between the ears, but hey, they can launch it.

Cincy is getting one heck of a prospect. By the way, the man is dropping dimes 45 air yards away.

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Well, I am a big time fan of Matthew Stafford. So as a fan of the guy I would say no.

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Wow, so TDs and INTs are what you look at when evaluating a QB? I’m sorry, but that doesn’t even factor into my evaluation of a prospect. Who was he throwing to btw? His leading receiver went undrafted…Meanwhile Burrow has 2 1st rounders (Jefferson may go in the 2nd, but Chase is going top 10) @ wide receiver and a solid 2nd round RB to help him. Don’t pull out TD/INT as justification to compare two players.

I think the point everyone is missing is you’re really only giving up one first next year and Stafford for this trade. I think it’s worth it . If he does turn out to be amazing we will never get this close to a top pick with stafford as our qb . We probably will go 8 and 8 next year with stafford or Joe .

Keep in mind, I’m not knocking Burrow here, but he had a ton of help at LSU

You said

I ask what is your measuring stick .

If the only food you ever ate was cooked by me and Bobby Flay and I served you filet minion from the grill and Bobby served you dog food from the cupboard cold…would I be the best cook ever or more a product of the ingredients and tools at my disposal ?