Wouldn't even consider giving Slay a big-money extension

Cowboys were picking on him out there, and succeeding.

I understand DBs have to have short memories, but my blood pressure was rising watching him go after about three picks in a row, giving up long receptions, and laughing about it.

Let somebody else reward him for what he USED TO do. That used to be the Lions’ specialty, bad, long contracts to players past their prime.


I would trade him in the off season.

I was just saying that in another thread. Agree with you. I’m okay w him going away.

I think I’d be fine with it. I think the Lions need to get more physical players on defense at all levels.

They should have traded him at the deadline. That was the highest his value will ever be and they could have rid of the distraction. I said it at the time that they will regret holding on to him.


I love Slay but even if he was still dominant I wouldn’t want to give him big money.

He’s about to be 29.

Let someone pay his retirement.

I do wonder if he’s playing hurt (I mean aside from hurt feelings).

Everybody’s cool when things are going well. Who are you when shit hits the fan? This year, we are proving how fine the line is between a playoff team, and a division basement team. We need guys to stay the course and not let their emotions get the best of them. Slay hasn’t pulled the straw that broke the camels back, IMO, but I can see where he possibly could. My first choice would be to see him here…happy…and trying his ass off. Seems less likely these days though. I’m indifferent. I’d like to see us get something great for him, if he’s going to be leaving anyway though.

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If Slay is gone we need to replace 3/5 starting secondary players AND fix the front 7.

I probably ride it out one more year.

You aren’t replacing him in the draft or free agency realistically and unless Patricia gets fired you NEED man corners.


My take: First, I think Slay’s best days are behind him. JMO, but I think he’s a bit more injury prone and a bit less quick than he used to be. IOW, I think he’s going to want more money than he’s worth, and I think he’s going to be unhappy with playing for the last year of his contract with the Lions and I suspect he’s going to be vocal about it. Might even hold out next year. That’s his right, but I believe the Lions would be better off paying one of the better FA pass rushers the money that Slay wants to get. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is still very good with some years left, but how many is the question. And like I said, I’d rather have an elite pass rusher instead, cuz an elite pass rusher helps the entire back 7.


Slay’s cap number is 13 million next year.

You trade or cut him and its 3 million dead cap.

So net 10 million. What impact pass rusher are you getting for 10 million?

And you still have to replace your #1 corner.

Unless you fire Patricia and go with a different scheme you have to ride it out.


Dont get me wrong, if Slay wants to come back at a fair price, sure. If he and Clowney are the same price, that is a slam dunk for Clowney.

Ford isn’t Slay. I don’t think he’s quite at his ceiling yet, but I don’t believe he has the ability that Slay has. That said, if you have a big nasty up front, the LBs can run freely, and the DBs dont’ have to cover for long, because Flowers, Clowney, the guy we draft, and Harrison are going to create chaos in the pocket.

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I love having Slay, he is a solid defender, he has fun defending during games because he is So confident in his craft/ability-that- is why you catch him smiling , and yeah sometimes he laughs at himself if he slips up to.

That said, I am not for handing him some giant contract extension , IF he wants to stay for a fair and reasonable price GREAT, but if he asks for too much? he’s just not worth keeping…and it is what it is. currently Slay is the 13th - highest paid Corner.

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Slay is the best player on the defense. You don’t make your team better by getting rid of it’s best talent.


I would say there is less than a 10% chance he returns next season. His game has regressed. He not happy with the way things have been run here.

He wanted an extension before this season and was denied. If Quinn wasn’t ready to extend him 4 months ago, then the fact that Slay is one of the better players on the worst defense in the league really doesn’t warrant a new contract. He’s still a plus player, but I don’t think he’s a top 15 CB anymore. Might as well get what you can for him now, because if you try to ride it out, it will likely result in him leaving and the Lions getting nothing for him.

My thought is that I will defer to Quinn, Patricia, and Stewart on this one.

A much greater concern is the amount of times on the radio broadcast I heard Cowboys (Zeke Elliott and Randall Cobb in particular), were wide open, no one around them, etc.


Diggs - Already gone
Melvin - 2020 Free Agent
Slay - Cut/Trade

So for those advocating Slay being gone, how do you address our defensive backfield?

I’m assuming most would say we role with Harris/Wilson as Diggs replacement and let the best man win.

But now we also have to replace our 2 starting edge corners. What are your plans?


Safety is covered.
Slot is covered.
CB#1 is covered.
Even if Melvin were under contract, replacing him as CB#2 is paramount to the team’s back-end success. Replacing the #2 is hard enough, replacing the top 2 corners completely is impossible. I don’t care how much kicking and screaming Slay does, he’s CB1 next year, period. He’s under contract and we need him.


Didnt we just pay 90 million for a pass rusher ?
Patricia defense depends more on coverage and not so much on the pass rush. I doubt there looking to get rid of slay unless they sign another high priced CB. They were in on chris harris witch would have cost them but they were looking to have 2 high quality CB’s. People are expecting pass rushers but your gonna get more DBs. And if They move on from Slay CB will be #1 priority.

With Slay, our defensive backfield seems to be about last in the league anyway. If you are able to trade Slay for say a 2nd round pick, you can use his salary savings, plus a 2nd round pick to add 2 CBs to the current roster.

Look, nobody wants to hear it, but this roster is still more than 1 year away from competing. So, the question is would you rather pay 13 Million dollars to keep Slay and get declining production from him, or would you potentially rather save 10 million bucks and get a 2nd round pick? I’d take the latter.

Nothing I love more than watching Lions millionaires having a good time before, during, and after games that result in yet another L.

Laughing, smiling, high-fiving opponents, during the game and quickly moving on after the game.

It’s all good. They’ll get it right in practice and come back better than ever.