Wow @ the Bears coaching hires

I assume this means they are trying to give Mitch all the help they can?

Meanwhile the Lions sign ……………

Are you that eager for some assistant to be announced as a position coach?


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Yes … aren’t you?

I’d love to have a full Staff in place for the senior bowl.

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I almost wrote full staff in hand … lol


The Bears are going to flounder. Mitch is Jay Cutler 2.0, when he makes a mistake it’s at the absolute worst time. And they get rid of Howard and draft a guy who is basically another Howard while throwing away draft picks for both of them.

Howard rookie season…1,313 yards rushing his rookie year and he fell because they said he couldn’t be a receiver. 29 for 298 and great at protection.

Montgomery…889 yards with more carries and 25 receptions for under 200 yards.

They suck worse than us in the draft.


Unfortunately for us, our defense made Mitch look like an All Pro who was destined to be a first ballot HOFer…


There in talks with Moore and Kitna.

I guess to me if it means getting coaches who are still playing right now, it may be worth the wait. Now if we pick up folks we could have had anytime, then that points to incompetence or having to accept your 10th choice because everyone else is saying no thanks.

I know this is a joke … but… KM would be a great hire.

I know Moore has had several interviews to be OC. McCarthy wanted Moore to stay in Dallas but McCarthy wants to call the plays too. I read somewhere that he was returning to Dallas.

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