WTF - Lions give Sheila Hamp a game ball for her first and only win as an owner

I dont know about you all but this BS really rubs me the wrong way.

She should have tossed it back in MP’s face and screamed in Jim Mora fashion. Game Ball! Game Ball! You’ve got to be friggen kidding me!! Don’t talk to me about a game ball after one friggen win!!! … then stormed off… lol

Lions coach Matt Patricia gathered the team around Ford Hamp after the stretching portion, with some words and applause per the pool report from practice. Detroit (1-3) won its lone game of the season back in Week 3

“It was very meaningful to her, I think, based on what I saw,” Lions running back Kerryon Johnson said of the presentation via Zoom.

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I think it’s too funny to find offensive. It took the Lions almost 3 weeks to present her a game ball. That’s front and center ownership right there. The Lions deliver as fast off the field as they do on it.

In fact, let’s have some more fun with it.

I heard they were going to have Swift bring the game ball to her, but he dropped it…


This is about as stupid as the play-off banners that used to hang at Ford Field. We have so little to hang our hats on that it’s embarrassing.

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Oh c’mon, don’t be like that. Next are you really going to hate on a gem banner like #DaggerTime ?

Embarrassing!!! Only the Fords could pull off a stunt like this.

Bruh…that’s actually pathetic. The scary part is, is that kissing her ass soooo hard may probably work, allowing him to keep his job. This org, wow man…wow…I wonder how many players rolled their eyes so hard that they hit the back of their heads. What a joke this guy is.becd463b88f949ff87e671a437f7c4ed

I don’t see anything wrong with it :man_shrugging:

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“Hey guys, it’s just a game ball…not a big deal…”


“I can’t believe you’ve done this?!”

Let me help.

They awarded her a “practice game” ball to commemorate her one and only win from 3 weeks ago. Which is odd but then consider that She’s currently 1-3 as an owner and it becomes an insult to her.

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Very Wayne Fontes-ish stunt.

Gosh: 57 years of a clown show.

They should have presented her with Bobby Layne’s liver in a jar, which is probably also very similar to a football. Commemorate 63 years of rebuilding and almost kinda getting in a position to maybe have a shot…

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Game balls are awarded after every win no matter how good or bad a team is…one win teams gives game balls after that one win…I dont read too much into this :man_shrugging:

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I’m in the group of … it’s fine…

If you want to get upset about a tradition so make yourself feel good … your call.

I really don’t see the big deal regardless of 1-3 or 2-2

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Hopefully they’ll be handing her Quintricias’ balls shortly

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It’s a participation trophy. Nothing more. Such a pathetic organization.

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Eh. The team is pathetic. The organization is, again, at the bottom of the league. But we’re looking for things to be outraged about.
Nothing to see here.
1-3 with the worst D in the world. The coach is supposed to be a defensive genius. Let’s get outraged about that.

Like the guy celebrating a tackle while his team is losing by 30. Moronic!

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I damn near find it offensive that people are finding this offensive. In the end I just find it funny that people are being rubbed the wrong way by someone celebrating a first. I guess we mind as well lay out the book on being a Lion from here on out. Noone is allowed to celebrate anything because of the last 60 years before them. I’m sure people will enjoy being a part of this team.

Good luck with that.


Don’t see a problem giving her a game ball. Because the poor thing won’t get another one for quite awhile. Looking forward to Sunday when Jax drops a fifty burger on this hapless “team”.

Hopefully she likes the feeling and will do anything to feel it consistently.