WTF - Lions give Sheila Hamp a game ball for her first and only win as an owner

All men have this hope. Unfortunately it’s rarely the truth for women … lol

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I am right there with you. I do not see this game as being close. And I don’t mean that in a good way for the Lions.


Bobby Layne says hello.

Seriously, BobbyLaynesLiver is my new screen name. It sounds about right.


I haven’t been to Ford Field since 2010 (I went to 3 or 4 games during the 0-16 stretch). They really had banners that celebrated making the playoffs? 38% of the teams made the playoffs and this year it is 44%.

Oh, c’mon. The Lions should destroy the Jags, but I guess if they don’t get any pressure on Minshew, he is going to eat the pathetic D up.

Yes they did but took them down after the upgrades and haven’t put them back up.

Our secondary isn’t too bad. I’m not worried about Minshew. It’s Robinson who I think will put the hurt on us. If he goes wild and keeps our Offense off the field then I think they can keep it close. We have the worst run defense in the NFL so he should have a good game.

So lame.

She will probably get another game ball for having more wins on the road than at home :man_shrugging:

What stunt did “the Fords” pull here???


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Me either.

It’s her first win running the team. It is worth commemoration just like a coaches first win.

She owns what happens going forward not what happened the last 60 years.

If they did it after every win or even again before we win a playoff game/Division Title…THAT would be lame

If they had given her the actual game ball after the ARZ game then I’d have felt that it was cool and thoughtful.

That’s not what happened here. They gave her a practice game ball - 3 weeks after the fact to commemorate her first and only win. Mind you that it’s an after thought and a practice ball that she actually paid for. It’s embarrassing, tacky and a little insulting to her.

It wreaked of desperation by MP to me.


Yea, that is wierd

Same. Just another thread looking for shit when there is none.