XFL - keep it here

Josh Johnson is kicking ass.
XFL is not afraid to review and change the ruling on the field…or throw flags from the booth.
So far, the NFL Refs should be taking notes.


I’m not watching today because the NHL card is stacked, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen from the league so far.

Hell, so does St. Louis. They’re outselling NFL squads over there for XFL games.

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LA’s first win of the season was a route. 39-9, and it wasn’t that close.
I watched bits of both games yesterday. It’s a quality product.

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Houston jumps to 3-0 on the backs of Walker/Phillips again!

Fun to watch!


I heard one of the headcoaches ask a ref yesterday, “what you doing at this level?”
Think it was Jones? :rofl:

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XFL is getting attention because it’s a new and refreshing side to football whereas the NFL, is all kinds of ^%$ed up , make rules up as games go along, judge when and where they are going to enforce their own rules, have officials deciding the outcome of games more than it’s players , they make fans overpay for product …and nothing is ruled the same way year after year…you have long-term fans walking away from their teams or even the NFL.


I’m happy to hear they’re getting officiating right, and with any luck the NFL will adopt the positive aspects of their officiating. But in the NFL’s defense, the slower speed of the XFL probably makes officiating a lot easier.

I watched a handful of XFL games in the first two weeks, and I don’t intend on watching again. The talent just isn’t there and the games aren’t interesting to me. Everything about it comes off as very amateur–the field logos, the atrocious uni’s, the mostly empty stadiums, rosters loaded with players who couldn’t hold a spot on an NFL practice squad, etc.

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I looked at ticket costs and wow they really rose from week one to week two.

Would you pay $100+ -to see an XFL game?

I don’t think I would.

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I wouldn’t pay $100 to go to an NFL game!
I’ve watched parts of 5 games and two full games. I think it’s a very good product, and we’ve only seen the beginning. The teams are making adjustments and getting better.
There are a lot of guys that will have an NFL career because of the XFL. Guaranteed.



raises hand :raised_hand:

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Maybe I’d pay $100 for a season ticket! LOL

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I didnt watch any XFL games yet, just several game’s highlights. But I’m curious what you mean by slower speed of the XFL?

Players physically slower or do they stop the play clock after each first down?

I watched a video that said the play clocks in the XFL were going to be 25 seconds vs 40 for the NFL, to speed up the game. Maybe this is not the case?

I know right …

I was kinda hoping this could be a cheaper option for families to go to. If cheap enough a fun road trip. Doesn’t look to be the case.

The game speed is faster and to be honest I like it that way. However due to commercials and challenges the game length is about the same. I think their goal was to make it shorter.

Yeah, I haven’t seen that. Their are some bonafide stars shining already.
These don’t look like college teams. Watch the 3-0 Houston Roughnecks, coached by June Jones.

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I’ve been following the Roughnecks via weekly 10 min YouTube highlights. As soon as I get a chance I’ll watch a game.

Cam Phillips is off to a great start.

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Run N Shoot. The rest of the league had no answer, so far.

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They look like the team to beat dont they? Mainly because they can score. Some of these XFL teams are struggling to score. I think the XFL has to work on that.

Don’t tell LA that.

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I mostly meant the speed of the players, in terms of on field speed and reaction time, rather than the overall pace of the game. I haven’t attempted to quantify it or anything, and maybe others have, so I suppose it could just be in my head. But when I watch the games, I see plays developing that I don’t think would be possible if XFL players had NFL-caliber speed and instincts.

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