Yannick Ngakoue

Would you swap #1’s with Jacksonville and a late round pick for Yannick Ngakoue?

Not unless he signed a 4-5 year deal.
He’s currently on a 1 year deal.

He wants $22 mil annually, according to the Jags GM. That’s a heckuva lot of dough. Too much IMHO, he might be good but I doubt he’s that good.


Knowing the Lions have to give him a new contract, no way would I give up that match. Maybe a 2nd rounder, if the Lions get an extra.

No, overrated player who wants the world.


what did Seattle give up for Clowney last year in the same situation? A third rounder I think. We have a couple of those. This guy’s better than Clowney too. Just turned 25. No injury history as far as I know. We have the cap space. Do this if you know we have a trade down locked and loaded and won’t be drafting Young.

He’s basically Cliff Avril, but smaller:

No thanks.

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I’ve heard it would take two of our top 3 picks. No thank you.


And, fwiw, he didn’t rank in the top 101 players in 2019 either:


But on the bright side, our new O lineman played with #5 and is getting paid more than #15!

“That said, I question the fit. Ngakoue has obviously been a productive pass rusher in the NFL, but his sack totals and total QB pressures have declined three consecutive seasons. And at 6-foot-2, 246 pounds, with shorter than average arms, he’s a below-average run defender not build for Detroit’s defensive scheme.”