Yetur Gross-Matos*, DE, Penn State

Just curious what opinions are of this young man. I am just starting my review process and I saw his name a few places as the #2 DE behind Young and added him to my list of people to look at.

If he fell to us in the 2nd, I’d be game. Unless we took Brown in the 1st, then pass.

Do you really see those two as redundant? I think we need both a DT and an edge.


I really like this kid he covers ground so fast and is a heavy hitter.He also is great in the run game not sure where he ends up on draft boards I’m thinking 10-20.Here is some of his highlights!!

No, I do not. We need help in many areas. Just don’t want two DLs with the first two picks.

Looks the part just not sure about a top 5 pick on him…

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Never said anything about top 5 pick, just trying to get opinions on his play. I have only seen a few of his games, but since some sights have him as the #2 DE in the draft I thought I test the waters.

The edge we need is a guy who can play LB as well as at the line. Chase Young can do it all. I like Brown too at DT, who will push the pocket and get to the QB. Would be happy with either of those. But for Edge we need a guy who do more than a typical DE.

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And I agree that is why the same sights that list G-M as the #2 DE also list him as the #2 OLB. It appears that other then Penn State lining him up at Nose Tackle at times this season (which would be another reason Quin and Patricia might be looking at him), he still had decent numbers.

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agreed. I hoped Josh Allen would fall to 8, kid has 10 sacks, really wish he had fallen to 8.

We need to be able to set the edge on both sides.
DT’s need to clog and push in this scheme. The edge is where 75% of the pressure comes from (supposed to).
We have no chance at Young unless we trade the farm, never did.
I’ve been on Gros-Matos for quite a while.
We’ll probably take a Center or WR.

Jebus, I hope not. Ragnow is the only stud and WR is a luxury. But then again, Quinticia,

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Well I read some where that Golliday is the only WR signed past next season . Which IMO means it is a need.

Actually Golladay isn’t signed past next season either

We literally have no wide receivers signed past 2020.

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Well there you go, worst then I thought.

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Marv may not get resigned, but, it would be criminal not to resign Kenny.

Yea im not looking forward to 2021. Golliday will end up getting 12-15 mil. not sure about M.jones.

The time to extend Kenny was last offseason.

Nobody on their rookie contract is getting renewed until their final season.

The Packers have proactively signed their good young players early and got discounts because of it.