Yikes! 3 different QBs & 6 RBs started for us so far

That’s crazy… didn’t realize it was that bad :thinking::cry::eyes::confused:

Yep…It’s gross.

I cant evaluate the team as a hole or what Patricia has got going on here. Is it as bad as it has shown ?
The injuries are a huge part of the lack of success . I’m happy KJ is returning Sunday and I’m interested to see KJ & Bo share the backfield, McKissic in on some passing plays . Should tell us some of what the future will look like yet I’m reserved because Blough is not going to get the looks Stafford would get .

The Denver pass D is a good one and I cant see Denver saying we have to stop Bllough. Loaded boxes and Blough is going to have to win it …Maybe resting KJ is the smart move …Hahahaha

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The Pittsburgh Steelers say hello


I’ll biye this beautiful morning before I go run!

Pity is in the AFC with only 7 teams at 8 wins of better… the rest are all below .500 not even at .500

NFC has 10 teams at .500 or better.

Point you ask with apprehension?!

Pity would not be a seeded team today and at 8 win to go they would be at about a 1-3% chance left to make it…

And all there loses were to teams currently in the playoff so you already know they will lose thier WC game… most likely… and be one and done…

They have 8 wins that are all but one against teams will losing records.

They will not win the SB so I am not even adding in the fact I am not a prophet… simply isn’t happening.

And, for fun, you would whine about the same stuff if the lions were still in contention… wins against loser teams etc…

Bottom line there are 31 team who fail at the goal. Both the Lions and Pitts will be on the list…

But hey! Gotta have a few pots stirred up once in a while brother!

So, until they win the SB now… not trying to live in the past like as an untreated addict, we are both in the same boat like it or not!!


Rationalize it however you like…the bottom line is injuries did not hurt the Steelers. They are on their 4th string QB. They not only lost Ben, JuJu has missed time and so has James Conner. They simply have better coaching and they are a better organization than the Lions. The draft better and they are far more calculated than the Lions have ever shown. You are trying to say that the Lions play in a tougher conference…but Pittsburgh has had a much tougher schedule than the Lions. The Lions haven’t even played all these teams that are .500 or better, no 49ers, no Rams, no Seahawks, no Saints. The Steelers have played the 49ers, Rams and Seahawks. Plus they play the Ravens twice, @ the Patriots and they have played the Chiefs. Their schedule doesn’t even compare to the Lions’ are far as how tough or how weak the schedule is.

Lol - “stirring the pot” brother! You got suckered!!

Lots of love no matter what :upside_down_face:

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I think it was more putting lipstick on a pig but carry on…:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

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Like I’ve said before, if you actually think it’s normal to win with a teams 3rd QB that was a signed UDFA, you’d be wrong 99% of the time.
I know it’s fun to rub it in that the Steelers are winning with a 4th string QB but it’s not what normally happens, you know this, I know this, everyone knows this…so let’s stop with that argument already.

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This is such a lazy argument.


But that is not what I am saying. The root of this is that the Steelers simply have better depth. They have better coaching. They are a better organization. That is why they are still winning in spite of all the injuries on offense and defense that they have endured. The injuries PERIOD is the grandest of what my point is…not the 4th string QB.

Oh it’s lazy because it’s true…right? And you cannot argue against it…right? Yes sir…I know​:man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6:

He keeps making these “witty” steeler comments and I keep thinking about commenting but decide not to…so perfect response Wes.:ok_hand:t3:

it really isn’t but keep trolling anyways. Don’t you have a Dallas board to go comment on or something?

No, a lazy argument is saying, “Boy, the Lions had so many injuries this year. It’s impossible to evaluate them.” Or, “The season was lost when we lost Matt Stafford.”

As if they haven’t gone backwards ever since Patricia got here, and as if they weren’t losing while Stafford was here – and playing relatively well.

But do tell; why is pointing to the Steelers’ playoff run with just as key of injuries as the Lions have had “lazy?”

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Do you watch steeler games? In a season, how many of the 16 Steeler games do you actually watch from start to finish?

Well that doesn’t answer Mr. Speilmans question? Why is it lazy?

The Patriots say hello

Cowboys board is irrelevant. This is a Lions board so I don’t boast about the Cowboys. I never once mentioned that they were so superior to everyone like typical Cowboy fans do. That said this is a Lions board so I will speak mostly on the Lions. You guys are just asshole blowN out hurt that this team just can’t get out of its own way. Y’all try y’all a damnedest to make rationalize the continue failure but dude, I’m also a Maple Leafs fan in Hockey and this is the same shit Leafs fans do. It is what it is. You would never shit on the Lions if they were doing well. But look bruh…what they do on the field is who and what they are. It is what it is. It’s indefensible so because of that you all start personally attack guys like me who are not die hard Lions fans. I don’t hate the Lions…they are a team I root for due to being from the State of Michigan. But I grew up a Cowboys fan because of my Father for one and my mother is from Dallas so she too is a Dallas fan. But do not get angry with me because the Lions are a bad team that just can’t seem to get better. It’s not me doing it. Sorry, I do not own that voodoo doll…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Even with all the things that the Steelers have going for them, it’s still pretty remarkable to win without your starting QB, agreed?!?

The Steelers are on outlier and have been for a long time. I will always give them credit for that. They not only win with backup QBs, they win with 3rd string QBs. And it extends to whatever other positions you want to name. When they lose players in the offseason or injuries happen, the show doesn’t stop in Pittsburgh. They put a respectable product on the field year after year without the excuses.

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