You all realize how bad this is going to get, right?

1963 for me. We lived through Milt Plum, when he had those receivers & that defense, the original Fearsome Foursome.

Others are also forgetting the fact that back a decade ago, our offense was so bad they constantly put our defense in bad spots. This year, our offense has been pretty decent, sustaining a lot of long drives, and even if they have to settle for field goals, they are giving the defense plenty of rest. I think this years defense is just as bad, but much more disappointing because of those facts. It’s not like we are coughing the ball up at our own 5 yard line 3 times a game. This years defense is giving up a shyt ton of points, but also getting hammered in yardage and making rookies and awful QBs look like hall of famers.

The Bengals were operating in the stone age. Marvin Lewis had to redo the entire organization from top to bottom. From personnel to giving the players gatorade (literally). He was still carrying alot of the load when he left. The kid they hired was a TERRIBLE decision for a team in that situation. They really needed an experienced HC, not the flavor of the month that had topped out at QB coach. That kid (36 years old I believe) is feeding from the fire hose right now, and its clear he doesn’t have a handle on it.

This is part of the problem with trying to compare teams using only numbers. Teams literally pumped the breaks on us and just ran out the clock back then. If they would have needed 600 yards and 60 points, they could have easily gotten it.


I remember when it was said teams didn’t even bother to spend time game planning for us. Just count up the W.
They could concentrate on scheming for their next opponent.

Going into Chicago game the 2019 Detroit Lions were giving up more yards per game than any team in the NFL from 2010-2018.

This year’s Bengals were the only team giving more yards per game since 2009.

That ain’t spin that’s an objective statement of fact.

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This isn’t fantasy football where yards get points. And points win games. The Lions are not even close to giving up the most points per game this year.

At least you’ve seen a championship!
What was that like?

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Raw points per game scored against a team are not always an accurate measurement of defensive prowess.

Literally every advanced analytic measures yards per play and points per Drive over just raw points.

Kickers miss kicks they normally make, quarterbacks throw pick 6s or teams turn the ball over and give up a short field.

If you want to handwaive all that okay.

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I see your point well enough, but I have to go with the most objective bottom line stat, PPG.

Look at your examples, I can counter each one easily. Longer field goals result in more misses, so defenses that hold teams to longer FGs give up fewer points. QBs throw pick 6s inside their own red zone resulting in scores more often, I think, than all the way down the field after a long drive. In any event turnovers need to be separated between forced and unforced errors. The Lions were killing it in forced errors early on and I expect that element to come around again. And turnovers happen all over the field are aren’t necessarily tied to points, teams often fail to take advantage of turnovers. I’ll stick with points. It tells me how many my team has to score to win. Yards against are an indicator. But not much more than that.

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Trubisky almost doubled his previous TD output against the Lions defense. Jumped from 5 to 8. He had zero the previous 2 games. I’m just saying that only posting the yards is putting lipstick on a pig.

Anyway, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the situation isn’t as dire as some are portraying it to be. Not that it’s a gold badge or anything but the Lions have been in every game this season and have played some top teams to the wire so I don’t think they are THAT far off. They need to do something about that linebacking core and pass rush. I would also prefer a new coach but I think the talent is there to compete for the playoffs next long as Stafford is healthy.

5 to 8 is not “almost doubling your totals.”

Sematics. The guy had 5 TDs in 8 games and 3 in 1 game against the Lions. My main point is that it was a bad defensive performance against a bad QB and just posting the yards thrown is missing the real picture of how the defense performed.

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From the Lions 0-16 season, 2008:

Oct. 12 - Vikings 12, Lions 10
Oct. 19 - Texans 28, Lions 21
Oct. 26 - Redskins 25, Lions 17
Nov. 2 - Bears 27, Lions 23
Dec. 7 - Vikings 20, Lions 16


The 2019 Lions would kick the crap out of the 2008 team.

Not when Kevin Smith goes off for 225 on the ground against the current defense. Lol.

Seriously, what are we doing here? If were even debating anything about this team to the 0-16 team, you know how shitty we are and how apathetic our fans have become.

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Better than 500 Hail Martys


been so long ago i can barely remember–but i was pretty sure i was happy-my friend next door was a baltimore colts fan ,wish i saved all those old football cards

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Last year’s Lions weren’t forcing long field goals and all extra points are the same length yet teams inexplicably kept missing them.

Just that alone shaved 2-3 point off the Lions points per game

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Well, I fully expected this yrs team to lose in the playoffs if they got there

And I always say there are 31 losers and only one champion each yr.

So, for me, it is what it is…

Personally I hope we beat Dallas to piss everyone off!!

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