You know I want to hang with you guys

Gotta love yooper women!

I gotta bring it in and stack it to keep my man card. She chugs beer better than Aaron Rodgers and could probably beat him arm wrestling.


Pasties for lunch. Poutine on the side.
Chicken and dumplings for dinner. And, you guys wonder where heaven on earth is. This is God’s country.


I hear there are a lot of Packer fans up there. And mosquitoes the size of your hand.

Being around a lot of Packer fans makes me shudder.

You can tell it’s a Packer fan if you ask him if he wants to play hide the weinie and he kneels down. He’s a bear fan in he drops his drawers, turns around and bends over. A Lion fan will just bust you in the face.


Skeeters the size of your hand, those are the little ones. Get back in the woods a little ways. They go about the same size as the Pileated Woodpeckers. That’s why you walk by the big lake. Always got a little breeze to knock them off you.

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We camped at King Lake a couple years ago.
No kidding! Not bad during the day, but, you want to be in the tent well before dark.

Try Culhane Lake. State Rustic. Quiet camp ground. 12 spots, good fishing. 15 minutes from Taquamenon Falls. Access to Crisp Point light house, the two hearted river, and countless other areas. Half an hour away from whitefish bay and the shipwreck museum and Grand Marais and 40 minutes from Newberry. You can hear the wolves, the loons, owls and woodpeckers. Eagles fly over,deer walking through the woods and Osprey. while not uncommon anywhere up here, they areall together here. I come over the Saturday before the 4th and stay through the saturday after. Usually empty except for the three day weekend.

Yeah, not rustic enough.
Kings Lake is south of Baraga, six miles off of 41, not a single house on that road the entire six miles. 6 camp sites, outhouses, a well and a lake. No light pollution!
We went the last week of July and had the place to ourselves…except the mosquitoes.
There’s one house on the lake, 2 miles away, and it depends on if the Holman’s are up, if you’ll even have anyone in the area. They aren’t year round.
Might pack the generator and have a band vacation out there this summer.

Only one house on the lake never seen anyone there. We were the only people in the camp 5-8 days. Done the baraga area, we usually do day trips to that area.

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The falls in that area are awesome!

Been to all of them. Half the ones in Wisconsin and quite a few in Canada. Kakabeka Falls north of Thunder Bay, second largest falls east of the Mississippi. They built a bridge and you can walk across the falls right where they drop over into the canyon. Largest amethyst mine in the world. Walked under a good number that aren’t on the map. Baraga was cool. Canyon Falls watched a kayaker go over. Wagner Falls in Munising is the nicest most serene.

Bond Falls are awesome. Crystal Falls, east of L’Anse, Wagner, and Canyon are my favorites.
I swear, you can hear the ancestors speaking at Wagner falls. Can’t get more beautiful!