You mean the poll/modeling/computer lied? The twenty teens gift to posterity

So, I will backtrack on my suspicion of the “If you can’t do, teach” old saw this one time…

Oh and in a related story


that’s hilarious. WE DON’T KNOW (except for this whole country)


Yet our governor extends our stay at home order.

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Because this long ago quit being about a virus


The much maligned modeler’s lover’s last name is Staats? The big guy upstairs has a wicked sense of humor, amirite?


We’ll see what happens with restrictions being lifted. In many places that has led to a surge in new cases.

I think it’s pretty likely that both this and other models were severely flawed and that the lockdown did save tens of thousands of lives (at least temporarily.)

Lastly, good job, Nerd Ferguson. Outkicked your coverage on that one. Well, good job accept for the whole gross, adultery thing.

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Believe it’s Turd Ferguson.

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Can we try a strategy of Turd Immunity? Judging from the Internet we’ve clearly hit that 70% mark by now.


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Just a question with re to those who believe that it’s not about a virus, what IS it about?

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Guessing being an election year, people are jockeying for position.

Yep the world let a virus go to shut down the global economy just to get Trump out of office, well if you listen to some Trump supporters

No You’re way off on the origin of the virus. Nobody thinks that it was released intentionally. At least not sane people. You can argue whether it escaped from a lab because of carelessness or occurred naturally but nobody is saying it was released intentionally. That’s just in your head

But the reason we are still on lockdown in states where the wave has crested is about power and control. The governors are struggling to give back the power they took in a “emergency”

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And if you listen to some on the far left, governors who aren’t extending the shutdown who have an [R] next to their name are “committing murder”. Weird how extremists on both sides tend to say extreme things.


This is a three-headed monster:

  1. The debauchery and carelessness of the Wuhan lab, both creating and losing containment of this.
  2. The crap-show of government institutions, policies and elected officials.
  3. The looming long-term repercussions of the virus itself and the economic destruction it’s precipitated.

Most of the wacky rhetoric on both sides is coming from 0.1% of the population at most. This somehow, in our great communicative culture drives 99.9% of the “discussion” and polarity. I dislike categorizing people as left or right, since there is no in-between no grey. Once you say republican or democrat there is a great deal of overlap and sanity that can prevail. I’m a dem, but do not subscribe to the leftist agenda the “republicans” are spouting. Anti constitution, socialist, what a crock. A good buddy of mine spouts the conspiracy theories, and I just shake my head.

It’s crazy some of the stuff I’ve read from various threads here. Conspiracy rules the day…all clickbait that becomes gospel because it was found on the internet. Give me a break.

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Back in my non-Christian days… this is so wrong … but I know it sadly as well…

Duh - stop hiding in house to avoid the inevitable…, SD and mask only slow what naturally going to happen period.

Virus is here - you will come in contact with it sooner ( not hiding ) or later (destroyer of economy and taker for free choice)!

Fear is a liar but keep thinking GM it’s the truth…

Anything fun by government is bound to get screwed up
This is merely the catalyst for the economic destruction that was coming sooner or later