You see the impact one call can have on a game

And why it can impact an entire season.
Think about it.
Yesterday the Bills had a 19 point lead after one of the most bullshit things I have ever seen. The Bills were flying high. The Texans received the second half kickoff and the player tossed the ball to the ref. I have been watching that happen all year. I wondered if there was a difference in the kickoff rules I didn’t know about but everyone was doing it. On Sarurday, the lead ref makes the decision to back away from it and award a touchdown to the Bills. Then, they took it away and the Bills were never the same. That play, even though officially decided the correct way screwed the Bills hard.
I think back to some of the crushing calls going against us over the years. The Calvin Johnson call has reverberated for years. It does to this day. Completing the process has ruined the game. Every play is reviewed to a sickening microscopic level why we wait ten minutes for the referees to wait on NY. Games hinge on simple bs holding calls which go on on every play. You call two holding plays or two hands to the face penalties and the entire game is indelibly changed. You can see the palpable changes in the way players carry themselves. It has happened so many times to us that I can see the turning point literally in every game. The Lions get to that point and expect they will get screwed, their demeanor changes. That ref yesterday changed the outcome of the game by simply holding that Houston returner to a standard ignored by referees all year. So many times I have watched returners do exactly what he did and wondered why that ball was not live. Yesterday, the returner tossed the ball to the ref clearly giving himself up and the referee backed away. How many kicks has a returner just turned and walked away and the ball is picked up by the referee while they signal a touchback.

Commented on this same bullshit in the “Why Can’t Regular Season games be like this” thread.

Well, i cannot understand why some will argue that it’s just one call
Saying it can impact an entire season is a stretch
Impacting a game, absolutely
And yes, one loss can have implications at the end of a year, but most teams get robbed at least once every season
It’s not possible for refs to get every call right and the expectation is not reasonable
I’m happy to have referee error be part of the game
It actually gives fans something to point at and be outraged about :crazy_face:

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the two bullshit hands to the face impacted our season, i have no doubt. A rogue ref takes things into his own hands. thank god they reversed that BS yesterday. Have to wonder if they would have reversed it if it were us.

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It was not bullshit and should never have been reversed. Yes, its a poorly worded rule, but its a rule unless you change it. You know damn well it will be rewritten in the off season. Also, its the playoffs. So yes, it does effect the season.

Ask Buffalo…

The real problem with the touchback/fumble play is where the refs stand on this type of play going forward. Does anyone think if this happens again next year that they will rule he gave himself up? What if it’s the lions? Also, there have been tons of other plays that players thought the play was over… obviously gave themselves up and spiked the ball, or set it down etc. So all of these plays aren’t fumbles? It’s just more gray area. If the refs for the game actually follow the rules to the letter… buffalo wins. But we won’t even get clearification going forward.

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Whatever happened to just taking a knee when you aren’t bringing it out?

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Same thing with holding onto the ball after a great catch, rather than dropping it almost immediately to celebrate.

These are fundamentals that would be a definite pet peeve of mine if I were a coach.

Hold on to the damn ball after a catch.
Hold on to the damn ball when running the ball into the end zone.

And as you’ve stated. Knee to the ground when downing a kickoff.

look at how many MORE games WE ‘would-have-won’ had dumb ass calls not interfered? 3-5?

The flag for pass interference on a pass to Pettigrew being picked up against the Cowboys,still pisses me off,total game changer,maybe one of the worse calls ever…

6 points in the last 3 quarters. Sorry… not good enough.

I bet you watch every game and you will see receivers walk away when the ball is still bouncing in the endzone and you will have a referee waving his hands over his head calling the play dead.

A game that is built on parity NEEDS A+ officiating.

The NFL definitely does NOT have that.


Saints game came down to one non call at the end. You were right.

Big push off by Rudolph, although the Saints couldn’t stop them anyway. They sure brought their C game today.

Vikes fans have to be pumped.

Sorry, it was negligible at best. The defender had his hands all over him, never played for the ball and Rudolph stretched out his arm. I for once agree with the refs interpretation.

Before you come at me, know that the Saints losing cost me money.

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Nah, why would I come at you.:sunglasses:

Rudolphs arm was extended and it made the defenders body move away from the play, which is the reason he couldn’t make a play on the ball, I’ve seen that called many, many times…so have you. To end a game without a review or giving the Saints a chance at a review was BS. They got jobbed again.

I don’t care either way, pretty good game overall.

The ‘non call’ in todays game was that. No call. The way I saw it was the receiver just stuck his arm out to maintain the distance between him and the defender. But, I’m not a Saints fan, so… But you can bet your ass that Saints nation is going to whine about this all off season long. Man, they’ve got to just HATE the Vikings. Ha haa. Reminds me of the Tigers taking out the Yankees what, 2 or 3 years was it?(well, before Illitch died and Tigers front office sold everything and everyone) I will say though that in my 50 some years of watching football, this is by far the year of the worse officiating I have ever seen. Horrible. I just hope they can make some corrections for next year. Oh, while I’m at it, I’m tired of seeing players, mostly receivers, getting up and crying for a penalty flag and this 1st down posing crap. Just stop. Be professional. Act lime you’ve been here before. Be more like your brother Barry. Barry has class. Barry doesn’t draw attention to himself. Yeah. Be more like Barry.

The receiver extended his arm, and that’s OPI, period.

Terry McAulay :heavy_check_mark: @SNFRules

It is illegal for an offensive player to extend his arm or arms and create clear separation from the defender. That was OPI. #MINvsNO


4:27 PM - Jan 5, 2020

John Parry :heavy_check_mark: @JohnParryESPN

The last play of @Vikings at @Saints is OPI. By written rule and on-field philosophy, Receiver clearly created an advantage. If called and reviewed, it stands. The consistent standard for creating an overturn remains a topic.


5:02 PM - Jan 5, 2020

Did he create the separation or maintain it?
I maintain that he maintained it.
It’s only a foul if it’s called.